6 Easy Tips To Clear Clutter with the Clutter Index! Revitalize Your Feng Shui and Your Life!

This is a Zero on the Clutter Index!

What's Your Clutter Index?

Clutter is something that may just creep up on a person. One day it is ok and then it happens. Things are out of place. Too many papers on the home office desk, clothes in laundry baskets, toys here and there, the closet is overflowing, shoes on the floor, or drawers jamb packed. Or perhaps even more challenging, there may be a build up from many many years of collecting in those spares rooms, the attic, or the basement.

Removing clutter boosts your morale, allows the Feng Shui air currents to flow better, decreases stagnation, and may even remove the potential for mold and mildew build up. It can be both a health and safety issue.

Organizing and creating more order in your life and living environment may also heighten vitality. Clutter is simply a drain emotionally and physically. Revitalize by improving the harmony! Remove clutter today!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate the tidiness of your home or office? 1 is relatively no clutter while 10 is perhaps is a really big mess. Zero is if there is no noticeable clutter, (friends are stopping by later today.) If it is 5 or more, it might be time to get moving to do some real clutter removal.

Below is a Clutter Index Scale. You may fill in the blanks or make your own index. Be sure to have fun with it!

10 A really big mess, clutter clutter everywhere

9 It's difficult to walk, items strewn on the floor


7 The garage, attic, basement, and storage shed are full


5 Time to organize the desk


3 Dishes and laundry piles


1 Tidy, tidy, tidy, and very organized

0 No Noticeable clutter (friends are stopping by later)

6 Easy Tips for Effective Organizing

1. Choose 1 area to start on.

If there is a big task at hand, pick a small area to start. This removes the perhaps overwhelming task if there is a major job ahead. Generate a sense of satisfaction when things are organized. Even one drawer at a time is a great start!

2. For large sorting projects the easiest method is to label boxes or bins with Keep, Donate/Sell/Give Away, Discard, and possibly Storage.

This makes it easier to keep track of where things need to go. Be careful to adequately label any storage boxes to ensure quicker retrieval later.

3. Begin your sorting task by giving yourself permission to let go of things!

Letting go energizes the present! It is ok to remember the past associated with things whether it is positive or a bit more challenging. Feel it, and just let it go. Let it go to make room for new positive experiences in your life.

p.s. It is fine to keep some items that have sentimental value. There is always the option of taking a picture before removing an item. That way you may still keep it, but it will take up very little space on digital mediums.

4. Periodically empty the the discard box. Also be sure to give your donations away on a regular basis.

Notice the relief after letting go and removing items from you physically. It's a good idea not to look through the donation pile and keep items that you intend to discard. Move forward. The past is behind you. The present is now. The future is to come.

5. When the sorting task is large, you may need to do it in more than one sitting.

Just bookmark it, and start again as time permits. If you keep on working in a specific area, the process will gain momentum. The task will be accomplished before you know it. Sometimes thinking about a project can actually be worse than just digging in and doing it. Action is the key!

6. Notice the accomplishment and the heightened sense of well-being that you feel when you have organized and removed clutter.

You may choose to celebrate as each area has been completed or the whole clutter removal project is finished. For large areas, simply repeat the process one step at a time. You will reach the end of the race with persistence and determination.

Along the journey you may choose to index the clutter for each area or the overall big picture. This gives you a value for a perspective that you are really making progress. Yes it can really can be done!

Make it fun! Listen to your favorite music or enlightening cd's or even podcasts. Sing! Enjoy moving forward!

Finally, please enjoy a more harmonious Feng Shui and

healthier living environment! Feel more energetic and optimistic!

Revitalize Your Feng Shui and Your Life!

Have a Very Happy Day!

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