How is Your Baqua Today? Classical Feng Shui or a Modern Method?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Where, Oh Where is the Bagua?

The Bagua, eight sided diagrams, that are found in the majority of modern Feng Shui books are quite popular. It is an easy method to categorize and update living and working environments.....

But is it possible to reap the full benefits of Authentic Classical Feng Shui with these methods?

Is the Bagua Real Feng Shui?

The Bagua method was created in the US in the 1980's. Traditional Feng Shui goes back thousands of years. True Classical Feng Shui was found to be very challenging to teach in the west. So the Modern Bagua Method was styled for ease of use and first appeared as Black Hat.

The Black Hat method bases all determinations on the front door. It relies on assumptions and does Not use a compass. Various aspirational names such as fame, career, and creativity have been assigned to a location in relation to the front door.

The Luo Pan (pronounced Lo Pan) is the traditional compass of true Classical Feng Shui. It is actually chocked full of other information besides the 360 degrees of the compass. The Luo Pan is like an ancient hand held computer.

Classical Feng Shui is Not a religion. It is scientifically based on architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment. Mathematical calculations and logic determine the Feng Shui of a building.

Other Modern methods have taken Black Hat and expanded on it. Some methods are even based generally only on intuition.

What Is Your Compass Direction?

What About Modern Methods That Use a Compass?

Another prevalent modern method that uses one of the eight compass directions is Aspirations. Yes it does use a compass direction. However Classical Feng Shui uses 24 fifteen degree directions and sometimes even more finely tuned increments.

Similar to Black Hat, Aspirations assigns properties to each of the eight directions. This includes colors and aspirational words for key areas of life like Black Hat.

Colors can be very potent in Classical Feng Shui. For instance placing a significant amount of red or colors from the fire family (such as purple, burgundy, maroon, or strong deep pink) may possibly lead to undesirable negative effects. This could relate to safety, health, finances, or even relationships to name a few.

Any modern method that recommends adding red in the south or even blue in the north could lead to disharmony or it in a particular situation it may be beneficial. The only way to know for sure is with Classical Feng Shui. A person might say I've had this red here for several years, it's ok. It may be fine for some years but with Classical Feng Shui the influence of time is considered. Therefore whats great today may be quite unpleasant in a different year.

Little Red House On A Hill

Where Do Some Feng Shui Books Come From?

As unbelievable as this may sound, some authors have not even studied Feng Shui. Feng Shui has become a very popular topic. Certain of these authors are simply reading other books on the subject and writing their version. Wha-la! There you have the newest book on Modern Feng Shui!

Classical Feng Shui?

The true purpose of Classical Feng Shui is to promote happiness and well-being along with a harmonized space. Health should always come before money. Without health, where is a person? Rich but sick? Not a good option is it?

Positive Relationships and Happiness may bring about circumstances that are more conducive to heightened Prosperity. A harmonically revitalized space may be energetic and active or peaceful and calm, depending on the usage of the area.

Classical Feng Shui can determine if there is a potential for relationship issues. There are certain magnetic type of configurations that may potentially create relationship problems or perhaps a person may be using the Lonely Pillow direction. Potential for financial and health challenges may also be read from an assessment.

Classical Feng Shui to the rescue! Remedies made of the five elements of wood, fire colors, earth, metal, or water are here to save the day. There are No gimmicks or nick-knacks in Classical Feng Shui. (Modern methods use nick-knacks and even folk lore type of "cures".)

Simply beautiful items that match your decor are most beneficial to remedy the challenges and best of all to further enhance the auspicious areas. Yes you may already have some really positive features to your home! It may just be a matter of switching things around.

Modern Feng Shui or

Professional Classical Feng Shui?

Many people do not even realize there is such a thing as Classical Feng Shui. So if this article content is all new to you, please do not feel uncomfortable. It is ok!

Everything is Energy per modern science. So although modern methods are Not truly Feng Shui, they may have a symbolic effect or perhaps be doing something. It is however advisable to watch out especially for the use of a significant amount of the red family of colors. It could be positive or have a great disadvantage. You may enjoy having fun with the many modern methods but...

For the true benefits of Feng Shui, it is best to seek the guidance of a Classical Feng Shui expert!

Brighten Your Horizons with Classical Feng Shui!

Have a Fabulous and Glorious Day Full of Sunshine and Joy!

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