Right Brain, Left Brain, Which Am I? Brain Dominance!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Brain Dominance the Brain Gym® Way!



Left or Right?

Each person has a dominant hemisphere of the brain. You are either right or left brain dominant. Science has found that the right side of the body is controlled by the left brain and that the left side of the body is under the influence of the right brain. So next is the part that gets a little bit tricky.

Say that you are right handed, therefore you may assume that the right hand is controlled by the left brain, therefore I am a left brain dominant person. However this may Not be the case. You may be either left brained or right brained.

With Brain Gym, we go beyond just brain dominance to include the dominant eye, ear, hand, and leg. This is a person's innate profile. These dominance factors have a large effect on how one lives and processes data about the world around them. Some people are more visual or verbal or kinesthetic, which is movement oriented.

How to find out your Brain Dominance?

Left Brain Right Brain

Loves the details Sees the whole picture

May see the trees but not the forest May see the forest but miss individual trees

Logical Creative

Art: media; tool use; how to Art: image; flow; emotion

Music: notes; beat; tempo Music: passion; rhythm; image

Let's look at logic and creativity. Just about everything we do requires the use of both hemispheres of the brain to accomplish good results. They need to work together in tandem to be effective. So everything is intertwined. As an example left brain dominant people can be great artists. Right brain children can do very well in all subjects at school.

See how the left and the right brain hemisphere characteristics play out in art and music, in the last two categories above. The left brain deals with notes, beat, and tempo. What would music be without the rhythm of the right brain?

Another example is the crayon picture at the top of the page. A left brain dominant person may focus more on the crayons that are in the foreground. The right brain dominant person may see the crayons but focus on the whole picture including the background that is full of beautiful colors with no real defined images.

How Can Brain Gym Help?

Brain Gym has a method to determine the dominant hemisphere, eye, ear, hand, and leg. The specific Brain Gym movements in addition to the Brain Gym Balances connect the brain and body for more ease and flow. Getting out of being stuck mainly in one side of the brain, to being able to access both hemispheres correlates with improved results. Brain Gym can change a challenging situation into one that is more automatic and fruitful. This leads to enhanced performance and a greater sense of accomplishment. Yeah!!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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