Brain Gym® KEY: PACE! Enhance Performance and Increase Calmness!

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Keys to Enhancing Success!

Would you like to stay calm and operate at your best in times of challenging situations such as key meetings, phone calls, public speaking events, new learning situations, tests taking, and to gain increased focus and concentration?

Imagine achieving deep relaxation in a matter of a few minutes and feeling refreshed, ready to successfully move forward.

The Brain Gym warm-up called PACE is an easy way to assist in harnessing the brain and body to achieve stress reduction, activate both hemispheres of the brain, and to encourage improved results.

Everyone has their own unique experience with Brain Gym Activities. Listed above are some of the benefits that you may reap from using Brain Gym.

Tune-Up with PACE!

  • Before sporting events

  • Entrepreneurs along with business women and men before interviews, asking for a raise, key meetings or phone calls, and speaking engagements

  • Teachers to prepare students for learning and to calm the classroom

  • Enhance relaxation and reduce stress

  • Fun and easy for all ages of professionals, students, and parents alike

4 Fun & Easy Steps

1. Water

2. Brain Buttons

3. The Cross Crawl

4. Hook-Ups

Please read this first.

Please listen to your own body and only do what is safe, healthy, and appropriate for your particular situation. Please do not place any strain on your body doing these activities. Everything may be done in a sitting position. The Harmonic Zone, LLC is not responsible for any outcomes or consequences that you may experience during or after doing the Brain Gym Activities that are explained below.

Many have found this a very beneficial tune-up in their daily lives both at home and at work!

Have fun with it! And smile!

OK! Are You Ready? Here we go!

The Business Woman and Mother

E: Energetic


  • The body and brain is electrical in nature. The brain is 75% to 85% water.

  • Without sufficient hydration (water), the brain does Not operate at it's best. This could lead to "brain fog".

  • Both water and foods like fruits and vegetables aid in keeping the brain and body's electrical system working well.

  • Under stress the demands for water greatly increase, even double.

1. Have a drink of pure refreshing water! Sipping water is the key.

The Movie Star

C: Clear

Brain Buttons

  • The area below the right hand in this picture is the carotid arteries, which carry oxygen rich blood to the brain

  • Naval is near the gravitational center of the body

  • Improves eye teaming skills

  • Assists to relax the shoulder and neck muscles

1. Place one palm on the naval.

2. The other hand goes in the soft spot under the collar bone (clavicles) and on both sides it the breast bone (sternum). To reach these points the hand is spread out in a wide U shaped position as demonstrated in the picture above.

3. Gently rub the soft spots while keeping your palm on the naval for 30 seconds.

4. Slowly move your eyes horizontally, left to right then right to left

4. Then switch hands and do the same thing.

The IT Engineer

A: Active

The Cross Crawl

  • Activates the right and left sides of the brain and body

  • Enhances breathing and stamina

  • Correlates with enhanced listening and attention

1. Cross and touch your HAND to your opposite KNEE.

2. Then cross the other HAND and touch your opposite KNEE.

3. This may be done while sitting or standing.

4. The picture above shows a variation of touching your Elbow to the opposite knee. To get the full effect it is Not necessary to do as shown above. Touch your hand to the opposite knee!

5. Variations include moving your hand to the back and touching your opposite foot and raising your hand high above your head and then touching the opposite knee in the front or ankle in the back.

6. You may also do this sitting down. Please be safe and listen to your body for what is best for you.

The 6th Grade Student

The High School Senior

Hook-Ups part 2

Hook-Ups part 1

P: Positive


  • Relaxing and grounding

  • Gets the brain and body ready to achieve positive results

  • Emotionally centering

  • Can reduces stress and increases calmness

Hook-Ups part 1

1. Put your hands out in front of you parallel to the ground.

2. Place the back or your hands together with both thumbs pointing down.

3. Cross one hand over the other and clasp your hands together.

4. Bring your hands down and then up to your chest.

5. Cross your legs.

6. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth

7. You may choose to close your eyes.

8. Hook-Ups may be done sitting down which is very relaxing.

9. Listening to calming music, such as Pachelbel's Cannon in D major, can add an additional boost.

10. Remain in this position for at least a minute or longer. You may sigh or feel a deep calm come over you. Then do part-2

Hook-Ups part 2

1. Open your eyes.

2. Uncross both your arms and your legs.

3. Touch the tips of your fingers together for a little while which connects both sides of your brain and body. Then.....

Move onto your chosen activities with increased

coherence and joy!

Brain Gym is being utilized in 80 countries worldwide in business, educational settings, sports programs, and more.

PACE, the activity that you learned above, is a part of the Brain Gym Activities. The full depth of Brain Gym includes Brain Gym Balance Consultations which may be experienced in private sessions or the Brain Gym 101 course.

Have a Fabulous Day and activate your brain

with movement!

Bonnie Z, BFA, BSN, RN, Licensed Brain Gym Instructor

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

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