Classical Feng Shui: Beautify Your Home!

Sunburst of Joy!

Enrich the beauty of your home with Classical Feng Shui!

There are multiple things that you may do to enhance your harmony and Feng Shui. Some ideas are as follows.

Tidy and clean up.

Energizes and refreshens the magnetic quality of the atmosphere.

Organize your desk.

Encourages a better work flow. (Sometimes disorganization is related to Inherent Classical Feng Shui situations. A Classical Consultation can determine this along with appropriate remedy suggestions.)

Promote good flow of air currents.

Remove blockages caused by things such as excess furniture or limiting furniture arrangements. Assists in energizing your living space.

Photographs and paintings that promote your life goals.

Keep your eyes on what you desire to manifest!

Colors that are conducive to a harmonic balance related to the innate characteristics of your home.

(Best to seek advice of Classical Consultant.)

Promote enough sunlight or interior light effects to feel the warmth and light of life.

Dreary settings may lead to dreary and depressing environments thereby effecting the mood in a potentially unfavorable manner. Brighten your mood with light!

Let the Light of Joy Shine In Your Life!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC