Classical Feng Shui For Sunny Relationships!

Sunny Days!

Classical Feng Shui can have a positive effect on relationships. That includes finding and maintaining that special connection with loved ones. This could be a partner, family members, or even business associates.

The environment at home, at work, and any where you spend a significant amount of time is an energetic source that can fuel happy or on the flip side troublesome relationships.


Certain configurations are more positive than others. Classical Feng Shui is there to rescue and improve less beneficial locations. Through the long years of field studies it has been found that some configurations can potentially lead to arguments, disputes, or a potential for divorce.

Some directions that are related to the specific individual can even discourage finding or keeping a relationship. We all know there is no magic cure for a relationship that has gone sour. Some relationships are long lasting, where as at other times it is best for both parties to move on.

How do you know if your Feng Shui may be effecting those special connections that you share with others? Below are some items to check.

Have you moved your home or changed locations at work?

Were things going great until this year?

Other areas of your life challenging all of a sudden?

A Classical Feng Shui evaluation can determine if relationship concerns are being effected by your environment. Harmonize your space and your relationships! Please contact Bonnie Z to schedule your appointment today.

Have a wonderfully cheerful day full of happy connections everywhere you go!

Bonnie Z

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Bonnie Z

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