Classical Feng Shui in a Nutshell

What exactly is Classical Feng Shui?

Classical Feng Shui is Environmental Design that Promotes the Enhancement of Well-Being, Relationships, and Prosperity!

Both the exterior and the interior are considered when utilizing this authentic scientific art.

Classical Feng Shui actually effects every building and therefore, everyone on the planet!

The environmental effects on people along with the changing cycles of time, has been studied for centuries. Possibilities with certain potential results is repeatable and definable in this system.

Although Classical Feng Shui works with harmonizing and improving the environment, it is neither interior, architectural, nor landscape design. It may involve utilizing specific colors, beautiful decor objects of your own choosing that are made of specific materials, or occasionally bushes, stone types, or water features in the exterior.

These life enhancing features would all be determined through the use of the exact compass reading, time period when the building was constructed, yearly cycles, and environmental aspects both inside and outside.

Classical Feng Shui is a complex system that involves both logic and mathematical calculations. It is based on architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment. The majority of the books found on the market place today are do-it-yourself methods that are Not Authentic Feng Shui.

To enhance key life aspects with Authentic Classical Feng Shui, please contact The Harmonic Zone.

Have a life refreshing day full of joy and harmony!

Bonnie Z


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Bonnie Z

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