Classical Feng Shui: Is your home office set up for Success?

Positive Space the Feng Shui Way!

Classical Feng Shui, which is the Authentic method used for centuries, has assisted many to improve their success at work and at home. Whether your have a dedicated office or are using an area of a room, Classical Feng Shui can enhance success!

Benefit from Key Specific Directions and a work area that is aligned with good Classical Feng Shui principles!

A. Directions!

Did you know that there are specific directions to sit in..... that add wind to your sails? That make it easier to succeed! Speeding along on a calm sea, on a beautiful sunny day! Smiling all the way!

Then there are directions that can make it feel like you are climbing a high mountain. A strenuous journey where the air is thin, breathing and taking one more step becomes ever .......more challenging, with each successive step.

Which would you choose?

The success directions of Classical Feng Shui are quite beneficial! How do I find out what they are? Some may say, well I have this book on Feng Shui, all I have to do it follow it.

Did you know that a lot of the books out there, even the majority have this all wrong? Wow, you may say. How could this be?

It is true. It is a misunderstanding between the two types of Feng Shui. One is for buildings. Although it may sound a little odd, in the east, the other type is used for grave sites. This is related to the belief that it can effect generations to come. The Harmonic Zone Feng Shui deals exclusively with people in their homes and places of work.

A key factor is that there are Basic Personal Directions and then there are the 15 Degree Directions. The specific 15 degree directions are not found in Modern Feng Shui books.

2 Types of Directions:

  1. Personal Directions

  2. 15 Degree Directions

1. Personal Directions:

Positive Personal Directions:

Examples of Positive Personal Directions:

1. Success: Enhanced Wealth and Fame potential

2. Good Finances and Helpful Friendships (attract clients & mentors)

3. Good Public Relations, Family Harmony, & Positive for Health

4. Good Management and Relaxation

Yes there are 4 basic directions that are Not as positive. Avoid these directions.

2. 15 Degree Directions for Business:

Examples of specific 15 Degree Directions:

1. Talent Direction that is good for Creative (right brain activities.)

2. Intellect Direction that enhances (left brain) pursuits.

3. Prosperity Direction.

4. Consuming Direction: May lead to overspending, time consuming setbacks, or unexpected expenditures.

Did you know that there are even some years, months, days, or even times of the day that are more beneficial for increasing financial success?

B. Where is your work area?

You may have a dedicated room at home or be using a laptop at the kitchen table, the sofa, or a favorite chair.

  1. Are you situated in a spot that is aligned with the room, that is a position of power?

  2. Or is the work area in a place that is stifling or being hit by drafty air currents?

  3. Are there architectural issues that may be blocking your way? (There are often simple things to do to make the area better with No construction.)

  4. Does it feel safe and secure?

  5. Is the area cluttered or clean and tidy?

  6. Is the lighting sufficient for your needs?

  7. Are you set up for good ergonomics?

  8. Getting enough fresh air?

  9. Does it "feel" good to you?

There are other considerations in Classical Feng Shui that can enrich the home office and life! Encouraging new romance, enhancing existing relationships along with increasing an improved sense of health and well-being.

The same considerations for the home office can also be used for Home Schooling.

Call today for a Complementary 1/2 consultation with Bonnie to discuss your Feng Shui office and more!

Have a Wonderful Sunny Day! May the gentle wind be in your sails, propelling you onward to even greater success!

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC