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Is The Clutter Bug On The Loose? De-Cluttering for Health, Well-Being, & Improved Feng Shui!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Clutter Anywhere?

Clutter is something that can not only affect how things look and feel, it can even effect your health and well-being. Wow!

Too much stuff also impacts the flow of air currents thereby creating stagnant chi in Feng Shui. Chi is a type of energy that is everywhere. It flows with the air. As modern science says, Everything is Energy! Surely something must be blowing around with the power of the wind.

What is Clutter?

Clutter may be too many papers on your desk, items that are laying around. Clothes thrown on the floor. Boxes holding things that you have not used in many years. A messy desk. You name it, it could be a clutter item. Sometimes things get so out of hand, there is

barely room to walk.

So How May Clutter Affect You?

Here is the surprising thing. Clutter can actually cause health issues. The obvious one is safety. Items strewn on the floor are a safety hazard. Then there is the potential for mold, mildew, furry critters, and yes bugs.

Mold can be a factor in allergies, chronic coughing, breathing issues, rashes, fatigue, and other health challenges. It can even cause Brain Fog! No one wants that!

How About Well-Being?

Clutter is something that may surround a person. It may have been there so long that it is no longer noticed. That is, it may not be seen consciously, but the deep down hidden side of the subconscious or unconscious picks it all up. This definitely can have a subtle or even more pronounced effect on well-being. Something might feel off, but what is it? Notice when something is cleaned and de-cluttered it almost feels as if a burden has been removed from you. Amazing isn't it!

In Feng Shui, too much of anything can block the flow and harmony of the space. As an example too much furniture, even so much that it is wall to wall, could cause a real challenge. Little pockets of clutter can cause stagnation and effect how the area feels. It may even be blocking your life. What a concept!

No matter how you look at it, clutter is devitalizing. So what do you do? If it is just a little bit than go for it. You may be able to take care of it relatively easily. Just a minor tune-up. If you have a build up for multiple years, it is best to tackle one area at a time. Even doing one drawer a day will start you on the way to a healthier and happier living or working environment.

De-Clutter to to Re-Vitalize Your Health,

Well-Being, and Feng Shui!

Please have a day filled with peace, harmony, and vitality!

Bonnie Z

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