Feng Shui and Water!

Water the Essence of Life!

Feng Shui means wind and water. Water is indeed a key aspect in the world that surrounds us. Water is the most prevalent component in our physical bodies. Water is truly the essence of life!

Water is often associated with financial prosperity in Feng Shui. Modern Feng Shui books may lead enthusiasts to believe that putting indoor or exterior water fountains is the trick to success.

Modern Feng Shui

Modern Feng Shui books are a One-Size-Fits-All approach. These methods are promoted especially here in the west. You may find a little accurate information in them. Some of this could be about Form Feng Shui, which deals with what you can see.

However a very Key component of Classical Feng Shui relates to the magnetic properties of a building. This includes a precise compass reading, year built, and more.

Please beware of any book that does Not use a precise compass reading.... that bases everything on the front door. Also watch out for anything that uses a baqua with 8 directions or tells you to put red colors in the south and blue in the north. See 3rd paragraph below for Potential issues.

Classical Feng Shui

Did you know that Classical Feng Shui, which is centuries old, is actually based on architecture, physics, astronomy, design, and the environment? It is scientific in nature. This authentic method uses mathematical calculations and logic.

For best results true Classical Feng Shui is your best choice. It is a sister science to Acupuncture, which is currently being used to help US service women and men.

Some examples of water in the wrong place could potentially promote money problems, gossip, legal issues, arguments, excessive drinking, unwanted romance, or romantic love triangles. A misplaced pool outside may also lead to unwanted side effects, even undermine finances.

These effects may be on a regular basis or related to changing cycles of time such as yearly or even for 20 year periods. The Feng Shui new year starts February 4th, which is actually when the sun is closest to the earth. Kind of neat isn't it!

Water in the right place may enrich financial prosperity, health and well-being or relationships, or even all three key areas. It depends on the situation.

To find out How To Benefit from Water.....

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Authentic Classical Feng Shui methods are key to boosting positive results!

Have a beautiful day and enjoy life refreshing water!

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