Feng Shui Artwork

Bright Colors!

Do you know that colors of

artwork can impact your Feng


The Colors may also effect your mood!

What about the content?

Spring is a good time to take a look around.....to beautify hour home. One might call it spring cleaning. De-cluttering and cleaning is wonderful. Yet there is another key aspect to improving the ambience of an area.

Have you considered the effect of photographs, paintings, pictures, and other artwork that is decorating your space?

  1. Does it make you feel good?

  2. Do you like it or...... was it a gift from Aunt Sue?

  3. Is is happy or dreary? Too much blue?

  4. Are there old photos of relationships from the past still hanging around?

  5. Is it positive?

  6. Does it go along with your key aspirations in life?

  7. Is it lonely or sad?

  8. Do you have a stormy ocean scene..with sail ship tilted to the side?

  9. Or too many fire colors such as red, maroon, burgundy, or purple?

Too much red or other fire colors, in the wrong place, can potentially boost a Negative aspect of Classical Feng Shui. This may be an ongoing issue or only for one specific year.

Take a look around. Give yourself permission to Remove anything that does Not support your life at this time. Sell or give it away.

If you really have to, store that funny old expensive painting, and then put it up before Aunt Sue arrives. Remember to take it down after her visit!

Enjoy revamping and spring cleaning your home!

Paint Your Life Full of Wonderful Joy!

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