What's Your Feng Shui Curb Appeal? Outdoor clutter & overgrowth

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Overgrown Yard!

Classical Feng Shui Curb Appeal!

Removing clutter inside and out has a very positive effect on your Feng Shui. Improve your Feng Shui by tidying up the outside environment today! De-cluttering enhances the flow of beneficial chi that is carried by the air currents.

Examples of outdoor clutter are tree branches too close to the house, overgrown shrubs and bushes, grass growing up along side the house, toys scattered everywhere, old cars that do not work, a junk pile, dead or dying plants or trees, or just about anything that puts the lawn out of kilter.

How To Find These Clutter Areas?

Everyone gets used to the surroundings inside and out of a home. People become so accustomed to it that they do not even see it consciously. However the unconscious and subconscious takes it all in. The only way to know how much outdoor clutter is detracting from your curb appeal, is simply to remove it. Then you may feel a great sense of relief or that a burden has been lifted.

To enhance your observations, it may be beneficial to put on a special pair of, "mind eagle eye glasses", to notice what areas would really benefit from a boost by improving the lawn or garden. The key is to go outside and look around as if you have never been there before. What do you see? Just notice and then take appropriate action.

Do It Yourself Chi Fixers

Some things are easy to do, such as trimming or cutting extra grass or overgrown areas. Hedge trimming may also be something that you may do yourself. Pulling weeds out of flower beds and adding mulch can also be quite fun!

Pavement, patio, or sidewalk cracks may also effect not only the curb appeal, but also the Feng Shui inside your home. This may require an expert's assistance.

When to Use an Expert

Close trees that have branches leaning toward the house, can actually drain chi and positive energy from your residence. It may devitalize the inside well-being of the home.

It is most beneficial to contact an expert to remedy this situation.

A word of caution! Never do anything with tree branches or fallen limbs that are touching the electrical or telephone wires. If you are not properly grounded it may result in a life threatening shock. Always contact the utility provider in this type of situation. Your safety is of upmost importance!

Improve Vitality and Well-Being by

Enhancing Your Feng Shui Curb Appeal!

Please enjoy a happy sun filled day!

Bonnie Z

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