Feng Shui is a Naturally Occurring Phenomenon that Effects Everyone on Planet Earth!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Feng Shui is a naturally occurring phenomenon effects everyone on planet earth! Many people believe that Feng Shui is something that is done to your home, office, or the outside environment to enhance prosperity, harmony, and well-being. Truly Feng Shui is a type of field that is already in place. It is alive and moving full of fluctuating and ever changing energies.

The changing of the tides of Feng Shui ebb and flow to the predictable rhythm of the universe. There are the 180 year, 20 year, yearly, monthly, and daily cycles. These cycles help to propel life forward on an ever upward spiral of heightened knowing with ever increasing potential into expanding realities.

As a physical example let's take a look at all of the modern innovations and technologies that are cropping up in an exponential basis. Also see all of the enlivening new methods for self improvement and life enhancement that are available today. In the bigger scheme of the world, it was really not so long ago that people used horse and buggies for travel and lanterns for light.

For the purposes of Classical Feng Shui, the main cycles that we evaluate are the 20 year and yearly cycles. Sometimes the monthly cycle is utilized depending on the situation or how involved a person desires to be. This explains why some Feng Shui remedies require updating on a yearly basis while others are a long term solution or enhancement.

Feng Shui Really does effect everyone on the planet! See what it can do for You! Live

life to the fullest and enjoy the Benefits of Classical Feng Shui!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Bonnie Z

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Bonnie Z

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