Feng Shui for Well-Being: 1. Colors

Tips to Create More Harmony

How can the home or office effect well-being?

Everything that surrounds us has an effect. It hits the outer senses or may be something below conscious awareness. Although not readily observable, it still impinges on the overall ambience of your space.

What could some of these things be? Well the list is numerous. Several considerations are colors, decor, furniture arrangements, cleanliness, organization, and lighting.

1. Colors

General Colors for mood and clothing (beyond Feng Shui)

  • If someone is feeling depressed, blue may not be the best choice.

  • Feeling stressed out or angry, then perhaps avoid red.

  • Green is the color of nature. It may offer some relaxation or healing properties.

  • Pastel colors are more gentle.

  • Yellow is sunny. The sun illuminates the world.

  • White is pure and clean.

  • Shades of pink, maroon, or burgundy are more gentle then bold reds.

  • Pink for love.

  • Blue can be full of power.

  • Purple was traditionally worn by royalty.

  • Black, which is commonly worn for business, may create a feeling of heaviness.

Everyone has their own preference for clothing colors. Wear some new colors and see how they work for you. If you have been wearing neutral colors, try something more perky. How does it make you feel?

2. Feng Shui Colors... the 5 Elements

1. Green

  • Represents the wood element

2. Red, Maroon, Burgundy, Bright Pink, & Purple

  • Represents The Fire element

3. Yellow, Brown, or Tan

  • Represents the Earth element

4. Gold, Silver, & White

  • Represents the Metal element

5. Blue and Black

  • Represents the Water element

Acupuncture and Classical Feng Shui both use the 5 Elements to enhance lives! They are ancient systems that originated in the east. The west has now adopted some of these formally eastern practices. For instance, acupuncture is now being used by America's service men and woman.

3. Classical Feng Shui Colors.....at home

May be chosen by the building's Feng Shui or the occupants personal needs related to birth year. This goes beyond the scope of this article, as it is individualized and specific to the unique environment.


Please do Not implement such things as red in the south or blue in the north. For example, in some years red could potentially have a negative impact on health or well-being or undesirable results such as financial delays or procrastination.

Red in the south Feng Shui advice, is a modern version. Following these methods might create challenges that people absolutely do Not want in their lives.

For the best results...... a Classical Feng Shui Consultation is the safest and most effective.

The good news is that The Harmonic Zone is now offering special packages to assist clients during 2020 and the worldwide pandemic. Long distance services are also available. Please email or call for more information to discuss your own space. Find out where to avoid red in 2020. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a Sunny Day!

Bonnie Z

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