Feng Shui Light!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Light Adds Cheer!

Brighten your space

with healthy and soothing


Have you checked your Feng

Shui light quotient?

Light! Light! Light!

Light can boost and elevate one's mood. A sunny day can bring great joy and wipe away gloom! When people feel sad they may need more full spectrum light. Light like the sun rays that joyfully burst forth, at the dawn of each new day.

1. What does the inside of your home or office look like?

2. Are there any windows? Are the drapes or blinds open or closed?

3. Do you have any natural light coming into the room?

4. Is the room full of dark colors, dark walls, and dark furniture?

5. Are there trees or high buildings that cast shadows making the inside dark or gloomy?

6. Is there moss growing on one side of the building, because there is not enough sunlight?

Fresh air and sunlight can revamp your space. If sunlight is not an option, there are full spectrum bulbs that create lighting similar to that of the sun.

Feng Shui Aspects to Lighting

  • You may want to consider full spectrum light bulbs, that more closely align with natural sunlight. The body needs real quality light to thrive at a peak level.

  • Use lighting when in a room if it is dark and gloomy.

  • Every year there are areas that should not have excessive lights left on when the room is not being used.

  • Some rooms may benefit from light as a remedy or to boost the positive Feng Shui aspects.

Proper lights and colors can be recommended by a Classical Feng Shui Consultant.

Freshen your home and brighten your life with

life-giving sunshine!

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