Feng Shui Really?

Feng Shui: Does it really work?

As modern science says, everything is energy. That includes food, decor, nature, pets, buildings, and yes even you! Classical Feng Shui deals with logical patterns that have been determined over literally centuries of study and observation. As a matter of fact, thousands of years have gone into the development of what is known as Classical Feng Shui. This ancient scientifically based modality is much much older than many nations on earth today.

Buildings, trees, and even some turtles can have a longer life span than people. If everything is energy, then these too are energetic in nature. Things along with people in the environment do have an effect on all of us.

Try looking at a pleasing picture perhaps a beautiful nature scene verses the latest calamity that is shown on the news. Which one makes you feel better? The lovely view is the top choice for sure!

Sometimes when people feel stuck, it may have a deep rooted component that emanates from the Feng Shui aspects of their specific living and working environments.

Try this one on for size. Which do you prefer? A bright sunny happy room or a home that is dark and gloomy because the trees are overgrown, keeping the life giving sun from entering? The bright first is enlivening while the latter that is dark could have a depressing effect on the human spirit.

So you see these are only a few examples of Real Feng Shui. Yes they seem to be common sense. You are right! They are. Yet there are many logical and mathematical calculations that go into the assessment of Traditional Classical Feng Shui. These once guarded secrets were only available for the top leaders' use in the days of old.

Today it is possible to utilize a trained Classical Feng Shui consultant to assist you in boosting your life with enhanced harmony and an energized space. This positive effect can lead to enriching your prosperity, relationships, and health and well being.

Does Feng Shui really work? The answer is absolutely Yes!

Have a cheery and energized day full of smiles and joy!

Bonnie Z

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