Feng Shui Seeing!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

What do you see?

Look and See!

What is your environment saying to you? Does it

match your goals and aspirations?

This is something that you may do yourself to enhance your Feng Shui Harmony. Do a quick check and notice if the pictures and items that you have inside your home are aligned with your goals. There may also be

challenges outside. So observe what you see. Take a look around as if this is the first time you have been there.

Everything in your environment effects you at some level. Does your decor, photographs, or paintings match your life plans? Or do they reflect a negative aspect of something that you are seeking to make changes?

Anything that does not project something positive would be best removed. You may choose to replace it with something that boosts your goals. In the case that your space is overloaded with too many decorations, leaving some empty space is another option.

Enjoy smoother sailing by surrounding yourself with a life enhancing space!

Look and see! Harmonize your goals inside and out!

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Bonnie Z

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