Feng Shui: BOOST Your Success!

Are You Aligned with Authentic Classical Feng Shui Directions?

Use Your Best Directions to Enhance Your Success!

Classical Feng Shui or Modern Feng Shui Books?

Are you aware that sitting or sleeping with your back or head in the right direction can make a difference in the outcomes?

Would you like a BOOST or to potentially feel drained?

There are many many Feng Shui books out there that offer advice on the best directions based on the year that people were born. Variances are large! This can totally skew the results.

  • Different dates for the beginning of the Feng Shui New Year.

  • Some use Solar years and other use Lunar years.

  • Look at your good direction.

  • Sit with your back to the good direction.

  • Which way really works?

How do you know if your Feng Shui book got it right? Chances are the book is misinformed. To this date I have only encountered two: a first edition of one book and a second book that had accurate Basic Feng Shui directions.

How to know if it is really correct? Try it out. Sit with your back to the good direction. See how that works out for you. Get a positive Boost from the good directions by putting supportive wind in your sails!


For a limited time only, The Harmonic Zone, will help you find your 4 Basic Personal Feng Shui Directions for FREE! For more information, please email Bonnie at HarmonicZone@yahoo.com.

Additionally there are 15 degree Classical Feng Shui Directions that are even more specific. These are not in Modern Feng Shui books. There are directions that enhance academic pursuits or writing, creativity, new romance, and valued friends. Others are best avoided such as lonely pillow and no marriage directions, especially for relationship issues or when seeking new romance. A certain time and direction can lead to spending more money. On the Positive side, there are even specific times and a 15 degree direction that enhances financial prosperity.

All Basic and 15 degree directions are included in a Full Classical Feng Shui Audit.

Have a Bright and Successful Day Full of Joy and Abundance!

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