Feng Shui Tips For Health & Well-Being!

Is this good Feng Shui seating? See below for the answer!

Feng Shui is Not something that you do,

Everyone On The Planet Already Has It!

Did you know that your home could effect your health?

Yes, you may say that it could be from mold, toxins, or allergens. This is certainly a possibility. Yet Classical Feng Shui, the traditional version not found in modern books, clearly observes situations that potentially could contribute to ill health effects.

Classical Feng Shui is based on architecture, physics, astronomy, design, and the environment. It is logical and uses mathematical calculations. It is the sister science to Acupuncture which is being used today for US service women and men.

It sounds pretty amazing. It is true. Feng Shui has the potential to boost health and well-being or cause it to decline.

Some issues that Feng Shui may contribute to issues with the stomach or reproductive organs, bones as an example potential for fractures, throat or head issues, eyes, hips, mouth and teeth, feet, chest, depressed or other unhappy feelings, mental stability, or very very serious health conditions.

Potential for fire or even accidents May be contained in a building that has not had Classical Feng Shui Remedies put into action. This all depends on the specific situation which is related to a precise compass direction and the floor plan, among other issues.

Let us take the first step. Feng Shui is Not something that you do. It is something that you already have.

As a matter of fact everyone on the planet works and lives in the innate magnetic properties of the buildings that they spend time in. You could think of it as, people absorb the qualities of their environment.

What about Feng Shui in Relation to Health & Well-Being?

  • Architectural Design: As an example odd shaped rooms or a corner where two walls meet that points directly where you sit or sleep for prolonged periods of time.

  • Bed Positioning: Direction or where it is placed in the room related to the floor plan of the whole building.

  • Desk Positioning: Similar to above, additionally placement in relation to doors and walls

  • Clutter including too much furniture that blocks the flow of air currents.

  • Overhead beams in some situations.

  • Specific magnetic qualities related to when the building was built and it’s precise magnetic compass reading of the whole 360 degrees.

  • Changing cycles of time.

  • Paint colors that increase any potentially negative qualities.

  • Outdoor environmental issues as an example, dead trees or in some situations other buildings.

  • The factor of how much time if any that is spent in a room or specific area of a room & more!

Tips that you can do for yourself!

1. Clean and tidy the inside. De-cluttering and keeping the air currents moving.

2. Color: Avoid painting walls, artwork, or even large pieces of furniture red, burgundy, maroon, purple, fiery orange, or purple. (Please No red in the South like some modern books say.) Sometimes, depending on the situation, these colors may be fine for accessories some years, but not every year.

3. Keep the outside of your home clean and tidy.

4. Do not sit or sleep under overhead beams.

5. Be sure that you have proper lighting so the building is not too dark or dreary.

6. Do not sit or sleep where a pointy corner of a room, wall, support beam, or architectural feature points right at you.

7. Do not sit with your back to a door that is used on a regular basis.

8. Frequently these issues can be easily addressed with recommendations from a Classical Feng Shui audit. This could include remedies, changing positions, or minor do it yourself projects.

In the photo at the top of the page...

1. Check this out. Do not position a sitting or work area here, if the door behind the chairs is being used.

2. It appears that the column has a corner which is pointing directly at the chair that is the farthest away. This is also something to avoid.

3. There may be other sharp corners pointing at the back of anyone who sits in the chair closest in the photo, or even the other chair.

4. The room is well lit which is a boost to well-being and health.

5. Perhaps a different position in the room would be better for this work area arrangement.


In addition The Harmonic Zone offers Geobiolgy, which may also effect health and well-being. This deals with alleviating Geopathic Stress which may be caused by electromagnetic fields or qualities that occur in nature.

Electromagnetic Fields, (EMF's), surround us with all of the benefits of modern living. A few examples are TV's, appliances, electrical wiring in the walls, power lines outside, and even wireless devices. Today we literally live in a pea soup of EMF's which can be the source a lot of negative side effects.

There are ways to remedy Classical Feng Shui issues and decrease or alleviate the Geobiolgy situations. These can be determined from a Classical Feng Shui Consultation, with Geobiology as an additional option.

Feng Shui Remedies often involve beautiful decor of your own choosing. No gimmicks or odd looking knick-knacks in Authentic Calssical Feng Shui!

Contact Bonnie today for a ½ hour complementary talk about your Feng Shui. Email at HamonicZone@yahoo.com or leave a message at 814-795-5573.

Have a healthy day filled with joy and abundance!

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