How is Your Feng Shui? 6 Tips to Create Positive Movement in Your Life!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Happy and Sunny!

If you are you feeling stressed out

Or Having challenges moving forward

Or would like to increase forward momentum & success,

Did you know that your environment could be holding you back? Blocking the way?

Take a moment to see how you rate on the Feng Shui Flow Scale below.

Feng Shui Scale

1 point 1. Clean and tidy entryway to home

1 point 2. Easy to move through rooms with clear pathways

1 point 3. Rooms that are well lit by natural sunlight or indoor lighting

1 point 4. Storage areas are neat and organized

1 point 5. Decor to match your taste

Zero 6. Enter your home through messy garage or entrance that is un-kept

Zero 7. Wall to wall furniture.

Zero 8. Dark and dreary rooms.

Zero 9. Clutter on table, desk, floor, or toys everywhere

Zero 10. Boxes thrown in storage area with difficulty finding things

6 TIPS to Enhance the Flow of Prosperity!

1. Clean the entrance to your home on a regular basis. This includes the floor. Dust it. Remove any clutter. Make sure that you can light it up when needed. If you are going through the garage, be sure to make it tidy. If being used for storage, arrange it in an organized manner. Also keep the outside of your entrance area in good shape and clean. Make the exterior pleasing to the eye to enhance curb appeal.

2. Check to see if the air currents can easily move through rooms and through your home. Too much furniture that is jam packed into a room can inhibit the flow. Too much of anything can clog up the pores of your space. Let it get a breath of fresh air! Remove extra stuff and see how better it feels.

3. It is good to let natural sunlight in to give yourself a boost. Dark and dreary rooms can make a person feel sad or as they say, have the blues. Use natural lighting or perhaps quality full spectrum lighting to help boost the feel of the area. Keep the outdoor environment clear of too much greenery. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed to let light in.

4. It is always best to keep clutter to a minimum. Clean the table, desk, closet, basement or garage. Sell, give away, or throw away items that you do not need anymore. Make room for new things in you life by removing the old or extra stuff. These extra things could be damming up the flow of life.

5. It is easier to find things when storage is neat and organized. It is fine to store some things. The best choice is remove clutter from this area. You may even record where and what you have placed here to make it easier to find items in a larger storage situation.

6. A clean home also encourages one to take steps forward, to get out of a rut. It makes it feel better. When you feel better... The sun shines brighter!

How can Classical Feng Shui help?

  1. There are certain areas that could attract clutter related to the building's specific compass direction, according to when it was built.

  2. Other aspects of the home could be holding people back financially or in relationships. Or even contributing to stress, arguments, or health and well-being issues.

  3. Using the wrong colors in certain areas.... during a specific year..... could lead to unwanted financial, relationship, or health and well-being challenges.

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Have a Sunny Day full of the joyful flow of life!

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