Inspire: Feeling Comfortable in Times of Change

Is it possible to feel like this

at times?

As if the world has turned

upside down?

How do you get from just hanging on ........ to a calmer state?

Gentle Peace and Relaxation!

Does your brain play a role in times of change?

Yes! The Triune Brain Theory may give us tips to make positive changes and feel more at ease.

Support the basic needs of your brain

and move ahead!

  • NeoCortex: Higher thought and reasoning, conscience

  • Midbrain: Emotions

  • Hindbrain: Survival

Now we start on our journey with the Hindbrain, also called the back brain, or reptilian brain.

This area is geared for survival. The flight or flight response that saved our ancestors from tigers and lions.

It likes a daily routine full of little rituals. Changes in life create upheaval for the back brain. This could be loss of a relationship, moving, job loss, a sense of isolation, or in 2020 the worldwide pandemic. People can really feel out of sync, out of pace with life.

What do I do?

Back Brain

1. Start a new routine.

2. Write a list to give your day some type of framework.

The backbrain feels lost as if wondering on a sea in a boat with no sails......drifting..drifitng.....

3. Follow this way of being, this new routine that you have created. In time this routine will feel normal.

This added structure will comfort the back brain. It now has oars to row you safely ashore. The backbrain is relaxing in the warmth of the sun.


1. Practice stress relief techniques such a yoga, meditation, prayer, exercise such a walking in nature, soothing music, or deep breathing.

2. For a mind body approach: Try the Brain Gym® Warm Up called PACE.

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3. Smile, talk to family or friends. Stay in touch with people.

4. Seek medical or professional guidance when appropriate.

5. Listen to positive upbeat music or watch positive programs.

Addressing your emotions brings a happy smile to your face as you confidently row ashore.


1. Keep your mind active in a positive way.

2. Read a book.

3. Do creative projects.

4. Enjoy hobbies and activities that you love doing.

5. Learn something new to enhance your career.

6. Share with others.

You have reached the shore. Now stepping out of your boat. Your friends and family are there to greet you! Everything is going to be alright. Yes you are truly safe and at peace!

Increase a sense of calm and feeling at ease!

Enjoy the warmth of a sunny day!

Let your heart sing with joy!

Bonnie Z

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Bonnie Z

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