Inspire: Happiness!

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Has the Butterfly of Happiness Flown Your Way?

Have you considered what happiness means to you?

Some may feel that true happiness is elusive. Like a beautiful butterfly that is challenging to catch. But is happiness really like that?

It is easy to look abroad into the world for what is perceived as making one smile and feel full of joy. Yes good humor always brings a good laugh. Thank goodness for that!

Yet sometimes the butterfly of happiness may seem far away. There may be big hurdles, loss, health, or even negative criticisms turned inward toward self. Or perhaps thinking if only I had this, or had accomplished this, or had a certain status, this would bring happiness.

But is this Really what happiness is all about?

Yes, it is extremely wonderful to have positive aspirations. Meeting and exceeding goals can certainly encourage a great sense of fulfillment!

Yet, we find that True Happiness is not something outside of ourselves but comes from within. It is a glow that makes a person feel warm and full of joy, like the sun on a bright and gorgeous day. Loving others and ourselves, along with being grateful can make one feel happy from the inside out!

Share a smile and brighten someone else's way. Remind them to

be happy! Send butterflies of happiness to all you meet today!

Bonnie Z

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Bonnie Z

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