Is Feng Shui Scientific?

Magical Thinking or Authentic Feng Shui?

Yes and No!

Modern Westernized Feng Shui is Not scientific.

True Classical Feng Shui

is based on science and

the scientific method.

Feng Shui options are:

Science or the magical thinking of modern versions

Scientifically Based Classical Feng Shui

  1. Precise compass reading

  2. Uses data from the year when the structure was built

  3. Based on the Solar Calendar which begins yearly when the sun is closest to the earth

  4. 20 year cycles based on planetary changes

  5. Considers both the changing cycles of time and the space of the environment

  6. Consistent observations and results in field studies that span the centuries

  7. Uses mathematical calculations to determine potentials for good or negative challenges

  8. Natural substances assist in improving and enhancing the environment

  9. Sister science to acupuncture, (the U S service uses acupuncture today)

  10. Placement of buildings in certain situations can be scientifically determined to cause certain problems or even be unsafe related to the terrain or other environmental issues

  11. Architectural design influences

  12. Position of furniture and beds related to windows, doors, drafts, and air currents

Classical Feng Shui does aspire to the creativity and the joy of enriching your life!

What is Modern Feng Shui like?

Different versions of the modern ways may include strictly using intuition, recommendations based on the front door only, no compass reading at all, only 8 different basic directions, and such things as no consideration of time or the environment. Modern Westernized "Feng Shui" may also tell people that they need to purchase expensive nick-knacks to "cure" problems. Is this really Feng Shui?

Which one do you prefer?

..................Modern one size fits all methods from books or

Authentic Classical Feng Shui that is successfully being used by CEO's, politicians, entertainers, business women and men, and in homes.

Enrich your prosperity, well-being, and relationships with Classical Feng Shui!

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