Mirror, Mirror, Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Can You Sleep at All?

Did you know that large mirrors in a bedroom can make it difficult to sleep at night? Mirrors have an energizing effect. They are considered yang in Classical Feng Shui terms.

Yang is more masculine, day, and energized or active. While yin is receptive, night, and more relaxed or still. Having mirrors in the bedroom can increase the energetic factor.

In order to sleep better, it is best to Not have large mirrors or other reflective surfaces in the bedroom, such as a large television screen. It would be beneficial to remove or cover these up, to assist in a better nights sleep.

Notice that in the green bedroom above, there are also mirrors on the ceiling. An interesting bedroom....yet it could cause tossing and turning at night....a challenge to sleep. Who wants to wake up and see themselves.....with hair all over the place... in the mirror above?

Classical Feng Shui does Not use the bagua or eight sided mirrors, with the different lines on the outside edges, that are commonly sold as Feng Shui "cures". It has been reported that people using these could even have a negative result. As modern science says, everything is energy. One must be careful with some items.

Classical Feng Shui does Not recommend mirrors behind a stove. This is a modern idea that was created in the US after the 1970's. Classical Feng Shui's origins go back thousand of years.

Mirrors may be tastefully placed in other areas of the home to enhance beauty and brighten dim areas. They can also make a room or space appear larger. Since mirrors reflect and increase the energy of an area, there needs to be balance. In Feng Shui terms, a balance of yin and yang. Too much of a good thing is not advisable.

The key to Classical Feng Shui is balance. Too bright and active or too dim and still may have an adverse effect on people who use these areas. Over active areas may lead to fight or flight stressed emotions. Whereas too dim an area may lead to fatigue or depressed feelings.

There are other Classical Feng Shui considerations that may contribute to challenges sleeping or even health related problems. You may desire to consider a Classical Feng Shui consultation to find out more about your specific situation. Classical Feng Shui is Not a one size fits all. It is unique to the specific occupants and their environment.

Have a wonderful day full of images of beauty!

Bonnie Z

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Bonnie Z

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