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Perky Peppermint!

Peppermint Sprig

Would You Like a Refreshing Boost?

Try some Peppermint Essential Oil Today!

Smelling Peppermint Essential Oil may give your thinking a quick boost!

For the full benefit, please make sure that the essential oil that you smell is of a high quality grade verses a carrier oil that is cut with fragrances or chemicals.

You may smell essential oils like peppermint for certain educational trainings, then smell it before taking an exam to jog your memory.

For business, you may take a good whiff of Peppermint Essential Oil before an important meeting or key phone call. Or perhaps for a quick pick me up before a job interview.

You name it! There are many ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil to Brighten Your Day!

Enhance Your Day The Peppermint Way!

Enjoy the Peppermint Boost!

Have a Refreshing and Uplifting Day by enjoying the scents that

come your way!

Bonnie Z

copyright 2019, The Harmonic Zone, LLC


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