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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

What Calendar Do You Use For Feng Shui?

What is the Real Feng Shui Time?

The Authentic Traditional Feng Shui Time and Calendar varies from that of the western world. As you know here in the west, we use a calendar that is based on the Gregorian system. New year starts on January 1st every year. Our time exists in 24 one hour segments that consist of 60 minutes increments. Let's first take a look at the calendar.

What about the Classical Feng Shui Calendar?

There are 2 types of calendars used in the east.

There is the Lunar Calendar for which we see large Chinese New Year celebrations, which is based on the cycles of the moon. The beginning of this year changes with the moon cycles. This is Not the True Feng Shui Calendar.

Many people have not even heard of the Real Feng Shui Calendar. It is based on the Sun. Yes that bright orb that lights the world by day! The Solar Calendar that is used for Classical Feng Shui begins on February 4th. There is a little variation in some years, but the average day is February 4th.

Why is this the beginning date?

Centuries ago it was discovered that the Sun is at it's exact closest point to the earth around February 4th. This begins a new cycle of the sun with it's bright interactions with our world.

February 4th is considered to be the first day of Spring in the Solar Calendar. There are various different demarcations in this calendar that often have to do with planting and harvesting crops, a very key function in ancient days.

Notice how close this day aligns with the Pennsylvania Ground Hog Day which is on February 2nd every year. Interesting! But in Pennsylvania the ground hog looks to see his shadow to determine when winter will end. Will there be 6 more weeks of cold?

What does Feng Shui recommend that you do on February 4th?

This is the date for changing Feng Shui remedies and enhancements for improved prosperity, health, and relationships. This would be determined by a Classical Feng Shui Consultation or a Yearly Update Assessment.

The main planetary cycles that Feng Shui uses is the 20 year time period and the yearly cycle. There are also monthly and even hourly cycles for which there is usually no need to consider for Classical Feng Shui purposes.

Now For Time!

Your Time, My Time, Feng Shui Time!

Time is measured by twelve 120 minute hours. So 2 of our hours = 1 Feng Shui hour. A little bit different than what we are used to. Acupuncture, which is based on the 5 elements like Feng Shui also uses this hourly system. Every 2 hour period of time marks the change where one body system is more in the forefront.

Both Acupuncture and Feng Shui are very old systems going back thousands of years. They are both becoming more and more popular today. As an example, Veterans are being offered acupuncture sessions. There is also what is called battlefield acupuncture that is used in the front lines.

Feng Shui time determines exactly when on February 4th the New Solar Year starts and for the 12 monthly changes. Many people have head of the animal years. Well there are also animal months and days. The animal is just a symbol that was adopted to make it easier to follow.

Along with Feng Shui and acupuncture, there is the Feng Shui personal number or gua, kua, or known by other names that uses the Solar Year.

Please if you have read many of the Feng Shui books on the market today, do Not use the Lunar Calendar to determine what is your year. Use the Solar Calendar for this.

This year of birth helps to determine different directions that may be more suitable for doing different things. Then there are the directions that are even more specific. These are based on the Four Pillars which can be quite effective. Four Pillars is another system from the east that is also based on the 5 elements.

Wouldn't you like to sit for an important meeting in a direction or area that is supportive to you? Yes, Feng Shui has been in existence so long that

this has been studied extensively. Check it out and find out for yourself!

What's Your Time?

Have a very beautiful day full of happy times!

Bonnie Z

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