8 Tips for Feng Shui and Halloween!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When you think of Halloween..... you picture children dressed up as ghost, goblins, witches, and even beautiful wondrous butterflies and loving angels. Personally I prefer angels over the first group. Halloween is not something that I celebrate. Happiness and harmony are my focus in life.

Did you know that some Feng Shui configurations can lead to odd or ominous occurrences? Yes it is absolutely true. Certain Classical Feng Shui fields of influence in certain areas of a building can indeed attract unwanted hidden things. This depends on the specific situation of a building. All buildings are not like this. A good thing!

Or even an outdoor wind chime in the wrong area could lead to "odd" occurrences. (Wind chimes do not belong inside a building.)

Some people say they see ghosts or such things. But the majority of people do not have this experience. Did you know that these creatures are sometimes caught and recorded on cameras?


I remember reading about a historical place in England that was open to the public to see. They kept finding this one door open. They kept locking it. And they kept finding it open... again and again! So they put a camera in. They indeed did at last find the culprit.

The man was dressed in attire of the day of the building. They even got a picture of him. When they took a closer look they noticed that none of the employees ever wore clothing like the door opener, even though they dressed for the period. So there you have it. A bit chilling to think about.

Then there are those mysterious call lights that go off in health facilities at night. It does not light up on the monitor and no lights are lit. The bell just rings and rings. Or the case where a young lady passes in an untimely manner. The call light would go off in that particular room on a regular basis, when no one was in the room. Or the building where no one was in it where the lights would be found on. Even more erie is the piano that played by itself!

Or the health care facility where they had images caught on camera. One night the gals saw one of their co-workers talking to someone in a long gown. Then there co-worker returned. The hallway gal was shocked..... as there was no one in the hallway but her. She had been totally alone! That security camera picked something up...... something else for sure! You can bet the night staff really kept their eyes on that camera after that!

And one last happening from my English friend. There was a shoe store located by a dance hall. One night a women had to stay late to finish her work. She had to go to the copy room all by herself. It was locked. The buiding was dark. On her way there she saw... She saw.... Well to her shock she saw 2 pairs of shoes dancing! That is dancing by themselves! Yikes!

Feng Shui Ideas: So what can you do for yourself?

1. First of all remove any outdoor wind chimes if you are having odd situations. If the peculiar things stop, then do not put the wind chime back.

2. If things remain a bit fishy look farther. Perhaps a fish tank or water feature in the wrong place.

As far as the inside of the home, you may choose to have someone who deals with these type of odd things. There are people out there who offer special services.

Certain areas could benefit form Feng Shui remedies that are beautiful accessories, made out of the 5 elements of water, wood, fire colors, earth, or metal. That one I can assist you with during a Feng Shui audit with authentic classical recommendations.

What else can you do?

3. Keep the inside of your home lit with good natural or artificial lighting on a regular basis.

4. Trim trees and bushes outdoors so the environment is not dreary. Happy and bright!

5. Keep the clutter down and clear pathways.

6. Clean and tidy your space. This keeps mold and mildew from building up. Better health!

7. Remove negative pictures or paintings. Focus on the positive and beauty!

8. Remove or rearrange areas with too much furniture. Keep the air currents of chi flowing.

  • Play positive music.

  • Remove dampness by heating areas regularly.

  • Create a lovely atmosphere that is happy.

  • Surround yourself with beauty and light.

  • Have a regular practice of praying or other spiritual oriented methods of connection to love and light.

Stay safe at Halloween. Embrace angels and the good things in life!

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