What Is Your Action Quotient? The Yin and Yang of it all!

Call to Action!

A. Do you easily take action?

B. Or do you find yourself thinking about doing something, multiple times, without moving forward?

C. Or perhaps it is a combination of movement verses inertia.

What is the concept of yin and yang?

  • Yin is more receptive while yang is active.

  • Yin is still.....THINKING

  • Yang is movement.....DOING

  • Yin is night where as yang is day.

  • Yin is cold while yang is hot.

  • You get the picture.

1. Does your mind lean toward the yin (thinking) or the yang (doing)?

2. Does your body lean more toward one more than the other?

3. Do you take action (yang) or are you stuck in the yin (waiting) mode?

What could cause the mind to be too yin and inactive?

Let’s take a look and see what may be behind being too yin in life. Topics such as your environment and diet may be increasing resistance to move forward with right action.

Classical Feng Shui

  • A room or home that is too dark inside related to poor lighting or too much shade outside.

  • Too much furniture or clutter blocking the flow of the air currents or chi in certain rooms or throughout the home.

  • Irregular shaped rooms.

  • Dark paint or unpleasnt colors.


  • Too many sweets or carbohydrates may cause one to be more laid back or really on the yin side of the scale.

  • This may include eating too much fruit or too much sugary items.

  • Not enough protein in the diet.

  • Low on fluids especially water can actually make thinking fuzzy.


  • Lack of enough good quality sleep.

  • Sitting too long at work, using computer, or watching the TV.

  • Not enough of the right type of exercise or physical activity on a daily basis.

  • Substances such as alcohol can slow people down.


  • Where is your time going?

  • Texting, social media, TV, movies, sports, news on the web?

  • Are you ENGAGING with live people and the environment around you?

Many times I have traveled to various establishments. When you go to the lunch area, the scene is often like this. Everyone is eating with their eyes and fingers glued to their cell phones. It is as if they are in the room all by themselves.

Is this how you are interacting with people around you? Are you really engaging in the 5 senses of life? Or are you stuck in a yin virtual mode?

It is certainly great to get out and be active, engage with the people and beauty around you. A sunny day or people smiling along your way.

3-Way Action Plan

These are ideas. Take action and implement these at your own discretion. This is not medical advice or meant to replace anything that your health care provider has told you or recommended. You are in charge of your own actions.

A. Feng Shui

1. Work on reducing Feng Shui issues by insuring proper lighting and flow of air currents.

2. Remove extra furniture.

3. Organize your desk or work area.

4. Clean on a regular basis and remove excessive unwanted items or clutter.

There may be other Feng Shui factors that can be addressed with an assessment with the Harmonic Zone.

B. Diet & Well-Being

1. If you are eating extra sweets or perhaps a lot of carbohydrates, you may desire to cut back a little to see if that helps get you moving.

2. Turkey has lactic acid in it which can cause people to feel a bit tired. Remember taking a nap after those Thanksgiving dinners?

3. Be sure to stay well hydrated with sufficient amounts of fluids that suits your health situation.

4. The demand for fluid may even double when under STRESS.

5. Get adequate sleep and exercise.

6. Remember to take breaks when you have to sit for long periods of time. Get up and move. Brain Gym has some great activities for this.

C. Time

1. Take control of your time.

2. Set limits for things that may be holding you back from taking action steps.

3. Make goals, write them down, and take actions with the time you have.

4. Sometimes a few quality minutes is The KEY in making the difference between success and failure.

When an SOMETHING comes to mind, you may desire to take ACTION on it. If it is not an appropriate time to do so, then write it down. Take that action when you can. It is best not to let the To Do List grow large, just simmering on the back burner too long.

There is also the balancing factor of taking some time off on a daily basis to relax. This is key to enhanced health and well-being. Many physical maladies may have a component rooted in thoughts and emotions. Take those relaxing breaks to reset your sails. Then move forward with action.

Brain Gym® PACE, a Quick Tune-Up, can also be a relaxing experience. It may assist you to prepare to for action by enhancing a grounded and centered feeling. Click here for Free instructions. A Brain Gym Balance Process, which is experienced during a private consultation, may also assist with moving forward with a specific goal.

Remember to take one step at a time. Take right action. Go for Doing, (yang), verses........ just thinking about taking action, (yin).

Have a bright action packed day!

Bonnie Z

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