What Is Your Feng Shui Door Score?

Red or Yellow?

What is the Best Color for Your Door?

General Feng Shui of your door includes maintaining well groomed exterior and interior spaces. It is best to keep it both tidy inside and out.

Remove any blockages to the door. This translates into keeping the incoming and outgoing pathways clear of clutter, boxes, unnecessary decor, or anything else that would impact the flow of the air currents through the doorway area. It is also great to keep this area clean including the floor or carpet.

Why? Obstructions to the flow of the air currents may actually be involved with blockages in life. Energy or chi follows the wind and air current patterns. It is quite well known that the wind may carry a lot of force. A gentle breeze is wonderful, yet a tornado is way too much! Blockages involved with doorway obstacles could potentially result in a myriad of challenges including prosperity, relationships, or health related.

What about the beautiful red or yellow doors in the photo above? These are absolutely Not recommended in Classical Feng Shui. Perhaps you have read in modern books to paint the wall or door red if it is in the south. The answer to this is also a Big Not advisable! Black and blue are also not beneficial.

In Authentic Classical Feng Shui, these colors may have a strong reaction in general or in certain years that could encourage negative results. This ultimately depends on the specific situation. In this Real Method of Traditional Feng Shui reds, yellows, or purples in the wrong place may open the potential for delays in finances, money problems, accidents, or procrastination to list a few. For safety, it is usually best to avoid strong colors on doors and walls for that matter.

So What Is Your Feng Shui Door Score?

0 Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, or Bright Colored Doors

0 Clutter Outside of the Door Area

0 Clutter Inside the Door Area

0 Dirty Carpet or Floor by Door

0 Dirty Outside of Entrance Door

0 Overgrown shrubs

0 Poor Lighting

1 Good Lighting Inside

1 Clean and Clutter Free Inside

1 Clean and Clutter Free Outside

1 Neutral Door Color

1 Carpet or Floor Clean

1 Doorway Free from Obstructions and Obstacles

Please add up your score!

6 = Great

5 = Very good

4 = Good

3 = Improvements would be Beneficial!

2 = Time to Clean!

1 = Really need to clean and de-clutter now!

0 = Revamp the whole area as soon as possible!

Please contact Bonnie Z for a specific assessment of your door and more. The above information is very practical yet generalized. A Classical Feng Shui evaluation by an authentic practitioner offers recommendations for remedies and enhancers to boost your life style! Treat yourself to Real Feng Shui solutions!

Have a superbly wonderful day! May all of your doors lead to paths of joy and beauty!

Bonnie Z

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Bonnie Z

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