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What's Your Direction?

Magnetic Compass
15 Degree Specialized Directions
      These include Creative Right Brain, Logical Left Brain, Prosperous directions and times, Romance, Consuming direction and times, Lonely Pillow, and No Marriage Direction.

Creative:  Enhances creative projects.
Logical:  Boosts intellectual endeavors.
Prosperous:  Years, Months, Days, and Times that are beneficial to use to enrich monetary outcomes.  Includes a specific direction with Feng Shui enhancer that you
put together.
Romance:  Encourage Romance with specific time periods per above and Feng Shui
enhancer per above.

Consuming:  Avoid overspending at these specific time periods and the direction to avoid for doors that are used regularly or open windows.
Lonely Pillow Could keep one from finding romance or perhaps the partner is
away from home a lot.  Mirrors or the head of the bed in this direction activates this.
No Marriage Direction:  15 degree activated when the back of the house sits to this precise direction or the bed is placed here.

45 Degree Personal Feng Shui Directions
       The 8 directions based on the person's birth year, using the solar calendar.  The Feng Shui New Year often begins on February 4th.  The Lunar New Year is widely celebrated and varies each year, often occurring in January or February.  It is a misconception to use the Lunar cycle.  Classical Feng Shui is based on the sun and its cycles.  My book, "168 FENG SHUI Tips for the Home Office and More," devotes a whole chapter on this topic.  You will find specific and accurate information there, pages 51-81.
  • 4 Best Directions for Head Board for improved sleep and well-being.
  • 4 Good Directions.   These are supportive to overall Prosperity and Good Fortune. Used for chair positioning.  This is the authentic and time proven method, unlike many modern misconceptions. 
  • 4 Potentially Less Fortunate Directions to avoid using for sleeping or sitting.

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