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Increase Harmony and Balance at Home and at Work!

Geobiology further enhances the benefits!

Lake Landscape

Enhance Your Prosperity,

Relationships, &Well-Being

with the Power of

       The Harmonic Zone

                   Holistic Feng Shui

      Authentic Classical Feng Shui consultations to enhance prosperity, relationships, and health & well being. The difference between modern Feng Shui found in books and classical, is that this traditional form uses a precise compass reading.  It also involves the affects of both cycles of time and how it affects spaces, and the interior and exterior environments.

      Classical Feng Shui sister science to Acupunctue utilizes the five elements of water, wood, fire colors, earth, and metal. There are no gimmick or nick-knacks used in this authentic method. Remedies that match your decor are best. 

      Classical Feng Shui is very logical and uses mathematical calculations. It is based on the architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment. By rigorous testing through the centuries, it has been found to actually affect finances, health, and relationships. Please call today to learn how to empower your life with Authentic Classical Feng Shui! 

      Additional Modern Techniques that address the whole person including EMF/Geopathic Stress reduction with Geobiology, Kinesiology, Health & Wellness, and Positive Goals.

      Uplift Your Life with The Harmonic Zone

Holistic Feng Shui.


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