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Health & Wellness
     What to Expect?
Girl Enjoying her Drink

      Please come prepared for movement with Brain Gym.  There may also be some Brain Gym Tune Up movements at the beginning of the Health & Wellness session, depending on your unique situation. 


      I love to share the Brain Gym Warm Up with everyone as it has so many positive uses!

      The session is covered by  a  1 hour fee.  It

will last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours with all extra time

at No additional cost to you.

Ideas to Get On The Go for Your Session!

      You may desire to jot down on a piece of paper ideas of what is going on in your life.  What is an issue that you would like to use as a theme for your Brain Gym Goal or any Health & Wellness Issues for Kinesiology.

      During the Brain Gym session we will work on further refining your goal for Brain Gym.  For children, even with  a goal of improving in sports, we can often see an improvement in reading skills.

      Kinesiology Sessions have a health form to complete prior to the consultation.  Clients will bring the completed form which was emailed to them in advance or complete it at the office.  Your information is strictly confidential. 

      It is great to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move especially for a Brain Gym session.  Usually Health & Wellness sessions allow you to relax.  If you have a special type of water that you enjoy drinking, you may choose to bring that with you.  Modest clothing usually works the best.

Image by Marten Bjork

What happens after the session is completed?

Happy Family in Nature

      Before the end of our time together, we will assess what would be good for Home-Play in Brain Gym or what might be beneficial after a Health & Wellness session.  Home-Play is fun and easy Brain Gym Activities that further enhance the new pathways that were made in the brain during the Brain Gym Balance. 


      People may feel more energized or sometimes may feel like relaxing briefly afterwards.  Health and Wellness sessions can be a very peaceful experience!

I look forward to seeing you soon!
                                                                Have a Beautiful Day!

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