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Traditional Feng Shui

Why Classical Feng Shui?

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    There are various areas in your life that may be affected by your living or working environment.  That is to say anywhere that you spend a significant amount of time.  Even spending an hour or so a day in a specific location may be all it takes for you to experience a positive benefit or perhaps even suffer from unnecessary obstacles and excessive challenges.
      Traditional Feng Shui to the rescue!  Yes, Classical Feng Shui has the answers to Feng Shui issues.  There are ways to enrich your life through a thorough assessment of the specific Feng Shui magnetic qualities that you are experiencing.  Manage and enhance your Feng Shui to boost you lifestyle!
How Can My Feng Shui Affect Me?
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  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career Success
  • Artistic Endeavors
  • Personal Goals
  • Health Issues
  • And More!
BENEFITS of Classical Feng Shui

      Some of the benefits that people could experience with Feng Shui are improved sleep, smoother relationships at home and at work, a more positive attitude, improved studying resulting in better test scores, more get up and go, an energized environment or a more relaxing home space depending on the specific room and situation, better health and a greater sense of joy and well-being, enhanced productivity with increased profitability, enriched financial success, and greater overall prosperity.  

      Feng Shui accomplishes this by boosting the positive potential and controlling the sabotaging aspects of the environmental influences.  It's roots go back thousands of years.  There are many successful field studies that prove it to be of great value.  In the past Feng Shui was hidden from the masses so that those in control could maintain their power.  Today many successful people secretly harness the power of Feng Shui to enrich their success.

What are the Indicators that Classical Feng Shui is for Me?

      Perhaps you have chosen to make positive improvements in your life.  You have taken many steps forward with some nice results.  Along the journey you have taken key ACTIONS toward reaching your goals.  Yet there may still be something that seems elusive or just not quite on-line yet. It may be that Classical Feng Shui is the missing factor in enriching your life, with the increased success that you have been seeking.

      Perhaps things are already going great, but just maybe they can be even better!  Why not try Classical Feng Shui to give you that added boost?

      Feng Shui may affect from 20% up to 33% of your results in a positive or negative manner.  It actually can have a significant  affect on your life.  And this is whether you have even heard of Feng Shui before or even think it possible.  It is all about what modern science says, Everything is Energy!  There are also the exterior and interior environmental factors that may be  playing  a major role with your Feng Shui.

      Perhaps you have tried "Modern Methods" that call themselves feng shui but are not based on the full scope of Traditional Classical Feng Shui.  These were often created in the 20th century or the early 21st century.  These new creations leave out the key factors.  Assumptions and intuition utilized in modern versions, do Not replace the mathematical calculations used in True Classical Feng Shui.

      What are these keys that really determine if it is Real Authentic Feng Shui?  Traditional Classical Feng Shui uses the precise compass reading of a building and the time period when the building was built. 

      One must also factor in such things as your innate abilities and calling in life.  During the various cycles of time, you may be best suited to do different things. 


     You must also consider your very Actions toward your goals and life aspirations.  Even perhaps being at the right place at the right time is also a factor.  Feng Shui may be the missing key that will help propel you into the future of your dreams!

      The Harmonic Zone offers you additional modalities that may assist you with enhancing your life or relieving stress in various aspects of your life.


When to Use Feng Shui?

Below are some examples of when your Feng Shui may be contributing to certain issues that are current now or you may have experienced in the past.

It is sometimes quite amazing to realize just how much  Feng Shui  plays a significant role related to prosperity, relationships, and well being.

You may also use Feng Shui when things are going great to create an even more optimal experience!

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  1.   It 's a great idea to have your Feng Shui done Before moving to a new home or office.
  2.   Have things really changed in your relationships, finances, or health after moving?
  3.   Since moving to a different location in your workplace, have you noticed big differences?
  4.   If you feel stuck and do not seem to be making the progress you desire, Feng Shui may be the boost to get you quickly moving forward.
  5.   Have you changed the room or position of your bed, desk, or your home office?
  6.   Is your back to the door on a regular basis?  Are you sitting or sleeping under exposed beams?
  7.   Are you considering a new swimming pool or landscaping?
  8.   Are you planning renovations or constructing a new building?
  9.   Health issues that are not resolving as expected?   A Feng Shui consultation can determine if your Feng Shui is a contributing factor in both physical or mental health challenges.
  10.   Looking for a loving relationship or having increased challenges with current relationship?
  11.   Financial issues?
  12.   Is there a previous history of divorce, illness, or financial woes in your home or office prior to you moving there?
  13.   Sudden change in finances, divorce, or illness?
  14.   Classical Feng Shui may improve your life in unexpected ways, that you may discover as a new found joy from the positive results!
Feng Shui is a naturally occurring phenomenon that effects...  Everyone on planet earth!

      Feng Shui is built into how the universe operates.  Modern science says that... "Everything is Energy."  This energy force, or Qi, is everywhere.  It surrounds us.  It is in everything from rocks to plants.  In the air we breath.  Qi, formally spelled chi, is literally inside of us.

      Acupuncture, the sister science of Feng Shui, says that Qi flows in the merideans, energy channels, in the body.

      Did you know that American service people are offered Acupuncture today in the 21st century?  There must be something behind the science of Acupuncture and Feng Shui. 

      A Qi pattern is formed in a building when it is constructed.  This same pattern continues to broad-cast it's specific energy throughout the life of the building in most cases.  The Qi in a building interacts with the occupants.  That is why Feng Shui is such a key method today.  

      Feng Shui remedies the challenges or potentially sabotaging qualities, while also enhancing the pos-itive aspects.  This creates a supportive living and working environment, that assists in contributing to greater achievements and more success.

Is the Qi in Your World Offering Support to Enhance Your Success, Relationships, and Health and Well-Being?
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Classical Feng Shui may be the Key
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Have A Fabulous Day!

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