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What About All of Those Books On Feng Shui?

Modern Feng Shui

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       Perhaps you have tried or are curious about "Modern Methods" that are promoted in Feng Shui books.  These do it yourself  techniques are NOT based on the full scope of Classical Feng Shui.  Please do Not feel uncomfortable if this is all you have experienced about Feng Shui so far.


      However know that these modern versions were

frequently created in the 20th or the early 21st century,

in order to make Feng Shui easy.  They are often very fun!  But are modern methods really effective?


      These new creations leave out the key factors. 

Assumptions and intuition utilized in modern

versions, do Not replace the mathematical

calculations used in True Classical Feng Shui.

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      True Traditional Feng Shui also known as Classical Feng Shui is very ancient.  It's roots go back deep into the mists of time for thousands of years.  It has been identified to go back as far as about 5,000 years ago.  Telltale records have been found engraved in stone from that era.

      Where exactly did Feng Shui originate is debatable.  The term  Feng Shui is of a Chinese origin.  India which may even be an older civilization, also has it's own version of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is Not a religion.  It is based on the changing cycles of time, the environment, and it's effects on people.  For that matter Feng Shui may even affect pets.


      Feng Shui is related to time cycles and the interior and exterior space or features of the environment.  For example living too close to a river or the ocean may be beautiful but is not ideal if flooding occurs.  Some factors are common sense while others involve complex mathematical calculations.

      Classical Feng Shui is considered to be so Powerful that is was once with-held from the masses for centuries.  It was kept a big secret.  Only the emperor and other chosen nobles were permitted to utilize a  Feng Shui expert's keen observations and advice.  This once mysterious and unheard of technique was brought to the people in 907 AD when the Feng Shui master escaped the palace. 


      Today CEO's, Business Women and Men, Entertainers, Politicians, Housewives, and People like You are Benefiting from the POWER OF FENG SHUI!

      Traditional Feng Shui has evolved over time.  So some of the current classical methods were developed more recently, even so over hundreds of years.  However it is quite clear that the "Modern Versions" of the 20th and 21st centuries, are easier, less effective, and at times Could increase negative issues in people's lives. 


      Examples of "Modern" do it yourself feng shui would be putting red in the south, blue in the north, green in the east, the wealth corner is in the left upper hand corner of the building in correlation to the front door, or other such things.   Some of these newer methods sell or recommend nick knacks for so called  Feng Shui purposes.  This type of quasi feng shui is very marketable, easy to write books on, and potentially very profitable.  Bottom line:  Does it work?

      For the results that you may be seeking, Classical Feng Shui is the method of choice!  It is based on the ancient classics, utilizes extensively calculated methods that have involved hundreds if not thousands of years of field studies of testing and observing the consequences.  This body of knowledge is what we call Classical or Traditional Feng Shui.  This affects 20% possibly up to 33% of your life.  How do you know what may be affected by your Feng Shui? It may be observed in relationships with love, family, or at work, prosperity and financial success, health and wellness, creativity, ability to move forward with your personal or career goals, and more.  Our living and working environments really do have a very strong effect on the outcomes in our lives.

      Once again if you have been using these  "Modern Methods" or are new to Feng Shui, please do Not feel uncomfortable with the information that is presented here.  Life is a learning experience and we must all start somewhere.  Your interest in Feng Shui has drawn you to this information, perhaps to expand and brighten your horizons.  So your choice is:   Do I want Authentic Classical Feng Shui or Do I want modern Feng Shui with nick knacks or other such things?


      Although people may enjoy using nick knacks, which can be a type of folk lore, they are Not a part of Authentic Classical Feng Shui.  So if you have nick knacks, it is ok to use them, but they may have No effect on your Feng Shui.  That said, since modern science states that, Everything is Energy, any type of decor, whether it be colors, decorative items, or various nick knacks has a pattern that interacts with the surroundings and you.  So if you have something that is positive, makes you feel good, and you love it, why not continue to enjoy it, providing it does not conflict with Traditional Feng Shui calculations. 

      For Effective Feng Shui Results, Authentic Classical Feng Shui is your Best Choice.  It is actually quite involved, very logical, and utilizes mathematical calculations.  Is is based on architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment.

      Traditional Feng Shui experts recommend remedies that are made out of the 5 elements of wood, fire colors, earth, metal, or water.  Beautiful items that match your decor and individual taste are best used for Feng Shui.  Sometimes it just a matter of rearranging.  Feng Shui remedies of any price range can be quite effective.

      For example Classical  Feng Shui shares its roots with Acupuncture.  The acupuncture points and meridians have been mapped out and in use for health and wellness for thousands of years.  Modern science, at this time, is only now able to identify the acupuncture points on the body.  There are devices that can pinpont these precise areas.  The electrical resistance of the skin is lower at these specific points on the body. The device beeps when it hits the exact spot.  Some insurances even pay for acupuncture therapy.

      These systems from the east are ancient compared to western civilization.  Traditional Feng Shui and Acupuncture are both based on the interaction of the 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  Each of the elements represents a certain magnetic type of energy that affects people's lives.   Today we are finding that there is a scientific basis for these modalities which offer benefits for us in our modern lifestyles.  Why not see what Classical Feng Shui can do for you?

What are the KEYS that Really Determine if it is
Authentic Feng Shui? 
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KEYS of Traditional Feng Shui
  •       Traditional Classical Feng Shui uses the precise compass reading of a building and the time period when the structure was built.

  •       It also involves mathematical calculations.  Traditional Feng Shui is very logical. 

  •      Cycles of time is another key factor.  Classical Feng Shui is related to time and space. 

  •      Classical Feng Shui considers twenty-four 15 degree directions of the compass.

  •       It has been tested over the centuries by actual field studies resulting in the potential for predictable happenings.

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      (For example) in certain situations, did you know that using a significant amount of red in the wrong place, may potentially contribute to negative issues.  This can relate to health and well being, safety, financial issues, and more.
      So if you have used these modern methods in the past, you may want to rethink what you are doing!
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Feng Shui Ideas
  1.   If you have been advised to put red in the south or other such things with "Modern Methods", this may Not be the best thing for you.  It May be ok in certain years, but with the changing cycles of yearly influence and the specific innate characteristics of the building related to the construction date, red might be something that would best be removed, depending on your own unique situation.  However at times, red is the best  choice!

  2.   Other colors that are in the family of red are burgundy, maroon, purple, and perhaps a large amount of pink depending on the shade.  Also be careful with a significant amount of  these colors.  The bright pink color above is considered to be a shade of pink that bears consideration.


      Classical Feng Shui is the only method that determines when and where it is fine to use a significant amount of the red color family or other situations where it could lead to potentially undesirable side effects.

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      I would love to meet with you for a Classical Feng Shui consultation. to harmonize your living and working environments, into a more powerful and revitalized state!


      Balance is active where energetic situations are preferred and more calm and peaceful in other areas.




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Have a Wonderful Day!

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