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Classical Feng Shui
Plus Modern Techniques to Boost the Positive Benefits!
Oriental Vase

 Authentic Classical Feng Shui

Geopathic Stress & EMF Reduction through a Geobiology assessment

Special 15 degree Directions

(not found in  Feng Shui books)

Colors for Classical Feng Shui

Health & Wellness

Prosperity & Relationships

Recommendations to remedy challenging areas and to Enhance auspicious spaces

Remedies are decor of your own choosing, made of the 5 elements of water, wood, fire colors, earth, and metal... No nick knacks or gimmicks

Written Report including Diagrams

Re-energize your space and uplift your thinking and your life

And More...

Additional Options

Goal Optimization with Brain/Body 


Health & Wellness Session

Home and Business

Houses, Apartments, & Condominiums

Office Rooms, Suites, & Office Buildings

Feng Shui Consultation Types

Comprehensive for Occupied Home or Office


Home or Office Hunting

Selling a Property to Promote a Quicker Sale


Annual Update to Enhance and Remedy Yearly Cycles

Examples of Key Times to Do Feng Shui

Purchasing a new home
Renovations or building a new home
New baby or New Year
Marriage or new roommate or partner
Major life changes
Feeling stuck or challenging to move forward
Desire greater success & happiness than current situation
Major changes with job. relationship, or financial issues
Planning landscaping or a swimming pool
To Promote Harmony, Prosperity, Well-Being, & Improved Relationships
Building History of divorce or relationship issues, money challenges, or illness


Desire to improve business with increased profits

Issues with productivity or customer relations

Drop in sales or major losses or setbacks

Feeling that business is stuck-challenges moving forward

Planning an office move or renovations

Excessive turnover, illness, or issues that keep repeating

Relationship difficulties within the business

Employees undermining the leadership

To create an appealing atmosphere that is conducive to prosperity and success

Building History of divorce or relationship issues, money challenges or bankruptcy, and illness

Comprehensive Consultation Includes:

1.   Written Report along with diagrams on the floor plan with recommendations.
2.  Ideas for exterior enhancers when favorable to uplift health and well being, prosperity, or
3.   Architectural energizers when beneficial for occupants, which may be simply be a little trim or a
      large plant.
4.  Cost effective recommendations for remedies and enhancers for the current year.  These consist
     of items that are wood, fire colors, earth, metal, or water.  (No nick-knacks or gimmicks.)  You
      may already own these or may obtain beautiful items that match and blend with your decor.
5.   Free remedy and enhancer guides for next year (Solar Year used in Classical Feng Shui begins
      around February 4th.  This is the exact time when the sun is closest to the earth.)
6.   Special 15 degree areas for home occupants or key business leaders.  As an example the
      Consuming Direction encourages the spending of money while the Lonely Pillow Direction
      may be involved with difficulties with an existing relationship or make finding a good
       romantic partner more challenging.
7.    Free Geopathic Stress assessment along with corrective methods.  The majority of Feng Shui
       consultations do not address this.    
8.    Review of any confidential issues regarding finances, health, or relationships to determine    
       potential Feng Shui involvement including suggestions to assist in resolving the problem.
9.    Feng Shui Harmonizing colors.
10.   And more free options are available from The Harmonic Zone Tool Bag, depending on your
       unique situation.
Enjoy the perks of a positive harmonious
environment at work and at home!
Consultation Check List

Please prepare the following items prior to your Feng Shui Assessment.

1.  The date when the building was constructed along with any renovations or major


2.  To Scale Floor Plan 8 1/2 x 11 inch in size that includes all of the doors and

      windows.  If you do not have one, easy to follow directions are available.                 

      Assistance is also an option.

3.  Dates of birth including gender of family members or management leaders in the 



4.  Please be prepared to give a complete tour of the home, building, or office suite.

Feng Shui The Harmonic Zone Way!

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