I really enjoyed my Classical Feng Shui Consultation with Bonnie.  She is very knowledgeable and provided me with expert advice for each room of our home to promote well-being, balance, and prosperity. 

      Her recommendations have provided even more balance and harmony to our space and life.  I highly recommend Bonnie if you are looking to take your life to the next level and optimize your success.  Lisa, Physical Therapist & Business Owner

      Bonnie is amazing. She is an incredibly knowledgeable women. I had no idea what Brian Gym® was when I met Bonnie.  She calming walked me through many practical, simple, and easy exercises. 

      Her professionalism, genuine care, and attention to all details made me feel at ease.  Doing Brian Gym with Bonnie was both gentle and effective, which is what I needed.  I would totally recommend Bonnie to anyone interested in Brian Gym.  Rose, Salon & Spa Owner

      Thank you so much for assisting my thee children and me, during a very challenging time in our lives!  Bonnie used kinesiolgy to help us reduce stress and to promote a more relaxed state of well-being.  I highly recommend her gentle care.  She made a big difference in our lives, when we needed it the most!  Chris, Educator

Bonnie Z

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