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      "Bonnie offers Great advice for Feng Shui in homes and for business! 

     Her Brain Gym is amazing for bringing more focus into your life and achieving your goals!"  
                                                     - L.V.  Business Owner


Please See Book Reviews Below

Feng Shui: 
    "Bonnie is incredible with her work in Feng Shui!    
      She helped me to set up beautiful accessories in my home with right balance for Prosperity and Love life.  Bonnie is very caring.  She takes her time to sketch out in details and explains it so well!  It’s something that we all need especially since many of us spend most of our time at home now!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - H. P.   Health and Beauty Consultant

      "Bonnie is Amazing!  She is an incredibly knowledgeable women. I had no idea what Brian Gym® was when I met Bonnie.  She calming walked me through many practical, simple, and easy exercises.

      Her professionalism, genuine care, and attention to all details made me feel at ease.  Doing Brian Gym with Bonnie was both gentle and effective, which is what I needed.  I would totally recommend Bonnie to anyone interested in Brian Gym."
                                                                                             - R. A.  Salon & Spa Owner Owner

Feng Shui:    


     "I really enjoyed my Classical Feng Shui Consultation with Bonnie.  She is very knowledgeable and provided me with expert advice for each room of our home to promote well-being, balance, and prosperity. 

      Her recommendations have provided even more balance and harmony to our space and life.  I highly recommend Bonnie if you are looking to take your life to the next level and optimize your success."

                                                                                       - L. V.   Health Practitioner Entrepreneur


Brain Gym Intro Class:     

     "Wow!  Brain Gym - Where do I start?  First off, Bonnie is unbelievably knowledgeable on the techniques and their specific benefits.

      I can see myself using all the techniques she taught us as different situations present themselves. I have added The Owl to my workday to improve my thinking skills and help me with my typing and computer strain. I have added Hook-ups to my morning routine to get me into a positive mindset for the day. The mini menu has been very helpful and I’ve used it as a daily resource.

      I highly recommend Bonnie!"
-  A. T.  Beauty Consultant and Trainer   
Feng Shui:     

     "I had tried different types of Feng Shui through the years.  (Black Hat, using compass directions, & more.)  It was fun but were there benefits?

        And then I met Bonnie.  Her expert advice using age old traditional methods has really changed the course of my life!  

      The results that I have achieved so far have more than doubled my income in a short period of time.  A health issue has resolved.  I feel happier and more vibrant!  My home and office look and feel great!

      I highly recommend Bonnie!  She is very knowledgeable in Feng Shui that works!"

- E. S.  Entrepreneur
Bonnie's Book

Visually Appealing and Approachable Feng Shui Guidance

      This book is useful for both Feng Shui novices, as well as longtime students.

     I was particularly drawn in by the beautiful photos and clear illustrations that break down daily Feng Shui applications.

     The book is a helpful reference if you want quick tips for areas of your house or life, such as your office, bedroom, or personal well being.

                                   - Olivia

Well Explained

     In a nutshell...You don't have to be of too 'mystical' a persuasion to read/refer to this book. It seems to be as comprehensive an explanation of the subject as it gets, with plenty of visuals to help illustrate the points. Recommended!
  - John

      "Thank you so much for assisting my thee children and myself, during a very challenging time in our lives!  Bonnie's expertise in Kinesiolgy, helped us reduce stress and to promote a more relaxed state of well-being.  I highly recommend her gentle care.  She made a big difference in our lives, when we needed it the most!" 

                                                                                                                        -  C. N.  Educator

      "Bonnie did an excellent job of sharing what Brain Gym is and the amazing benefits that it can bring to individuals of all ages!  Thank you, Bonnie!  Plus, your PowerPoint presentation was well done and very informative!"                                               

                                                                                                                                                       -  E. M.  Entrepreneur

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