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"I highly recommend this book. It will bring you joy, and give you great perspective as you move forward in your own life."

- Thasia Anne Lunger, BSW and Author


      We are very excited to announce that WE CHOOSE JOY, is a Best Selling book. Thank you to everyone who supported us and made this possible!


      People love our book!

      Enjoy these heartwarming true stories with tips that bring hope, greater joy, and appreciation into your own life!

     Available in paperback and

ebook for download for mobile devices, laptops, and computers



Here we all are!

      Do You Have Enough Joy in Your Life?

      This book of joy and overcoming shares each of our unique true stories. We have each gathered the courage to share some of our deep hidden secrets with you. The important key is that we would like you to see that there is always hope and joy!


      Our individual paths have taken us many places. These heart warming tales will brighten your soul with renewed strength to carry on. There is always light awaiting at the end of the tunnel!

      We look forward to sharing with you!

      Please experience more joy and greater success every single day of your life!



These are the Best Selling Authors!

      Alisa Gannon, Andrea Jeffress, Bea Baylor, Bonnie Zehentner,
Inez Bracy, Rachelle Bryant, Christal Lynn Caughlin, Pam Vogt Duffin, Ella Smith, Tammy Lyn Fox, Cathi Gg Mitchell, Sarah Lynne Joint, Huong Phung, Roberta Holdsworth, Michelle Walker, Remlee Peck, Taira Ruzzi, Theresa Ream, Stephanie Reagle, Cynthia Cole Primm, Tharifa Noor, and Linda Laird Staszweski, author and book curator.

      "In this book, you will be inspired by 22 women who share their profound story through the trials and trauma that led to their truth, transformation, and triumphant healing that empowered them to go on to cultivate a life filled with JOY and of contri-bution and community. You will shed tears, but will rejoice in the resilience of these women in a way that will touch your heart and may empower you to make a change or tell YOUR story, causing the impact of this book to continue."

                                                                    - Patty Farmer, Marketing and Media Strategist

From Our Hearts to Yours!

     Many of us serve life through our career and work and are mothers... some of us are entrepreneurs and have authored other books. There is a wide range of diversity and ages.
     Each and every one of us has faced challenges that seemingly towered over our lives. Yet, we "Triumphed!" We want to let you personally know that... You too can experience joy at any age and
be victorious like us!
     Life is such  a thrilling adventure! Please join us on our journey
to create greater joy and happiness!

     Have a wonderful Joy filled day!
WE CHOOSE JOY: How 22 Women Went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives

Linda Laird Staszweski is the best selling author and curator of our book, which is
the second installment in her anthology series. She is a retired engineer, multi-business owner, vision board specialist, creativity coach, and earned a masters in professional leadership/organizational development.

Her Best Seller, 20 Lives IGNITED: How 20 Women Over 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms
, is Linda's first book in this series.

Each of our authors has their own unique background, which you will learn more about in our inspiring stories of creating joyful lives.

    Be Joyful! Please Enrich Your Own Life with Greater Joy and Happiness!

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