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"WE CHOOSE JOY" book and ebook!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

We Choose Joy book

The Art of Creating Greater Joy!

Did you know that you can choose to be more joyful? You are more powerful than you may think. Your mind set and emotions effect your health, wealth, and happiness. This is actually true! Please read on for the science of epigenetics and you.

WE CHOOSE JOY: How 22 Women Went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives, is a delightful book where you will learn our stories of overcoming and triumph. We have each taken a great leap of courage... to share some of our deep secrets with you.

Why are we doing this? To help others like you. We are sharing a record of our journey... the path of challenges and how we triumphed over these hurdles, which lead us to greater joy and more successful lives.


Our Best Selling book is available at worldwide. The downloadable free app can be used on mobile devices, laptops, and computers.


Did you know that science is able to see how strong long term emotions effect you? Studies on epigenetics (way genes work), have shown that your health is effected by your emotions. Your overall emotional landscape can change the the way your very own genes are expressed. As an example, if a person is depressed, it will show up in gene expression, which could include 200 changes. The good news is that the way the genes work... this can be reversed to a happier state.

The key is to get your own emotions along with the mind-body connection working for you. This is where you use your mind power, 5 senses, and body to turn things around to create a happier and more joyful life. It may also be beneficial to seek professional assistance.

In my chapter, I share how there were health, relationship, and financial challenges all at once. What could possibly be wrong? It turned out be something unseen by the eye, yet scientifically based. What could it be? You will also learn tips to boost your own happiness and success!

Use the mind-body connection and your emotions to work for you!

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Have a wonderful day!



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