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Imagine Lighting Your New Year with... 168 Feng Shui Tips!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Brighten Your Day...


A Unique Feng Shui book!

Enhance Prosperity, Relationships, and Well-Being!

  • Authentic Classical FENG SHUI

  • Tips for the Home Office and All Living Areas

  • Holistic and Personal Success Keys

"168 FENG SHUI Tips for the Home Office and More," is based on the ancient ways whose roots go back thousands of years. This goes above and beyond that which many "modern" books promote. This is Real Authentic Feng Shui!

Learn the most accurate and auspicious way!

Colorful pages and examples. Over 300 Tips to enrich overall success in life!

To Discover More

Have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!

Good Fortune in 2022!


copyright Book Covers (Pictures Above) and Text: The Harmonic Zone, LLC 2021-2022

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