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Are You Choosing JOY? 9 Key JOY Tips!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

What is your JOY quotient?

Are you Choosing Joy in your life today and would you like to learn 9 Key Joy tips?

Are you feeling joyful? Are you happy? If you would like more joy in your life.... yes, you have the power to change that! How you may say? Here are 9 tips to boost your joy quotient.


1. Be grateful for the good in your life.

2. Take time to re-create and take care of yourself.

3. Make time to play and do the things that you love to do.

4. Be positive and see the positive by having a positive mindset.

5. Exercise which can give you a real boost emotionally and physically.

6. Eat good healthy food to improve your mood.

7. Engage with positive uplifting people.

8. Take time off to rest from social media, the cell phone, and the internet.

9. Remember to smile and laugh!

Would you like to see how others have overcome great challenges and also created more JOYFUL lives?

If so... here is a book for you. WE CHOOSE JOY: How 22 Women Went Beyond Healing to Create Joyful Lives.

We Choose Joy! You can too!

Please have a JOY filled day!

Many smiles and great joy to you and yours!


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