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    Bonnie, BFA, BSN, RN

Bonnie Z 1

  "168 FENG SHUI
Tips for the Home Office and More:
Plus Holistic and Personal Success Keys"
by Bonnie

      Bonnie enjoys sharing her expertise and knowledge to create a harmonic space - a happy zone that is beneficial to health & well-being, prosperity, and positive relationships.  Enhancing your Health, Wellness, and Optimizing your Brain Power with movement and positive goals is another key aspect.


      Bonnie has facilitated up-liftment, vitality,  and personal growth since 1996.  Her unique skills assist her clients in optimizing life’s journey, successfully navigating rivers that benefit from an experienced guide.  Energizing the home and office space to enrich overall success and prosperity!


      Author of the Classical Feng Shui

book, "168 FENG SHUI Tips for the Home Office and More:  Plus Holistic and Personal Keys."  Certified in Kinesiology, along with being a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor, Bonnie offers a wealth of resources to enhance life's aspirations.


      Additional tools that she draws upon range from past experience as a display artist in the tri-state area, professional musician, computer operations sup-ervisor, various business arenas, and Director of Nursing. 


      Bonnie's achievements include

a BFA in Art with a Minor in Music, Applied Business Computer Pro- gramming, and a Bachelor of Science

in Nursing.


Bonnie’s Mottoes


 Transformation is the Key!


Follow Your Dreams! 


Reach for the Stars!

Image by Todd Trapani


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