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Beach Meditation
      Bonnie Z, RN, of The Harmonic Zone offers Special Health Related Kinesiology Techniques  to enhance your health and wellness.  This comprehensive mind/body system is geared to your  specific needs.
      These powerful methods may be used to address stress relief, health, well-being, diet, Geopathic Stress, learning challenges, and more. 
A Quick Brief On How it Works
      There are many optional guidelines for the correction process in the special type of Kinesiology offered by The Harmonic Zone. Ultimately the key for enhancing your life is determined for your very own unique situation.  It is worked up by Kinesiology specifically for you.
      This is the beauty of this method. 
It honors the client and accesses the innate knowledge of what is best for your very own mind/body system!
Essential oils are uplifting aromas that are sometimes utilized in one-on-one sessions.  In addition to Feng Shui possibly affecting well-being, geopathic stress  from naturally occurring earth features or man made electromagnetic fields could be adding to wellness issues. 
      Move forward with increased vibrancy and joy!  Enhance your health and wellness with these life changing techniques!
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Health &


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