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Lavender, Lavender, Where Are You?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Beautiful Lavender Field

Lavender, Lavender, Where is the Lavender?

Essential Oils are becoming more and more popular. They can be found in many stores, on the web, a part of health and wellness products line, network marketing formats, ingredients in products, and even with a men's designer label attached.

Some of the powerful benefits of Lavender were first found when the French scientist Rene Gattefosse had a severe burn to his arm. He placed the injured arm in a vat of what he thought was water. He discovered it was actually Lavender Oil. To his surprise the Lavender aided in a faster healing process.

Lavender "The Universal Oil"

Scientific studies have found that Lavender Essential Oil has

antiseptic properties, is an analgesic (pain reliever), antifungal, relaxant,

anti-inflamatory, and more. It's fragrance has a calming effect. Increased alertness and decreased stress was found in a study done at the University of Osaka Kyoiku in 2001. It is an essential oil that is still listed in the British Pharmacopoeia. Increased cognitive abilities and a lowering of depression from smelling Lavender Essential Oil was found by a University of Miami study.

(Reference: Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 8th edition, Life Science Publishing, January 2019, p 79)

Are All Essential Oils Created Equal?

Some of the key factors that determine the quality are:

1.   Is it organic?

2.  Is it of a therapeutic quality?

3.  What process was used to make it?

4.  Is it pure or has it been diluted with a carrier oil?

5.  Have synthetic components been added?

6.  Is it being lab tested for quality and the natural    

     chemical components in the oil?

7.  Does it really have any essential oil in it all?

Is this really Lavender?

Many years ago I purchased essential oils from a small store in the middle of no where. The oils were labeled as the store's own brand. No doubt they had been diluted with a carrier oil. Looking back, was it really a quality oil?

Did you know that More Lavender Essential Oils are being Sold in the United Stated than have even been grown and produced here or for that matter imported from abroad?

This exemplifies the fact that some of the Essential Oils in the market place today are really Not supportive to health and well being. Some products are fake, very diluted, or perhaps even just a perfume.

It is best to be discriminating when you choose Essential Oils for inhalation or for taking internally. Be safe and research the product related to the guidelines above. Happy Oiling!

Lavender, Lavender, Where Are You?

Have a Bright Day Filled with the Beautiful Scents of Life!

Bonnie Z

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