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Light Your Brain for Peak Performance!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Ligtht Your Brain For Peak Performance!

Brain Gym® is a Movement and Goal based system that is highly valued in more than 80 countries worldwide. Business people, entertainers, athletes, teachers, students, and parents are some of the people that are benefiting these powerful techniques.

How Does Brain Gym® Work?

Brain Gym uses specific activities and movements to instantly boost you brain power. In addition, the Brain Gym Balance Process is a way to further enhance your life. It can effectively make something that seemed challenging.... turn into an experience that is more joyful and easier.

You see, the brain and body are very interconnected. As young children and even babies develop through movement, the brain is creating new neurological networks. Pathways in the brain.

It goes back to neuro-plasticity. The brain is malleable and can change. The special balance process offered in Brain Gym consultations creates a new pattern, moving from something that was previously nebulous and challenging, to a successful achievement. This explains the immediate results that I have observed through the years.

"Movement is the door to learning," per Paul E. Dennison, PhD.

What Sets Brain Gym Apart From Other Methods?

There are a lot of self-improvement and learning method out there. What's key is that Brain Gym is portable. It requires no special equipment.

Even more importantly, Brain Gym not only goes into your brain and mind, but Physically into your body. This is the most effective means of setting new changes into your life.

The Real Key is that.......... Brain Gym works with the emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.

Did you know that there is such a thing as cellular memory? One example of this would be people that have had a heart transplant. The physical heart retains a memory from it's original owner. A family member of mine knew someone who had this procedure done. Amazingly enough, afterwards he frequently wanted to eat burgers at a fast food restaurant. This was a total change for this person.

The body does have a memory. Brain Gym gears people up for success in chosen endeavors with the mind-body connection. I feel this is the key that makes it much more powerful than other many other methods available today!

Maximize Your Brain Power with Brain Gym!

A Very Happy Day to You!

Bonnie Z

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

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