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Interior Design or FENG SHUI? Safely Beautify Your Home!

Is Red OK in Feng Shui?
Red Red Red!

Do you think that re-decorating and changing your interior design can effect your Feng Shui?

If you said "Yes," you are right!

Did you know that it could improve how your home looks.... but it might just hinder your Feng Shui.

Although, it may be a surprise... you already have Feng Shui. It exists in your home. It is set in motion when the building was constructed. (More on this to follow... three paragraphs below.)

Adding things to beautify your home could be neutral in feng shui. It could also boost your life... or unfortunately possibly cause challenges. Now if you have read any of the modern "Bagua" feng shui books, that are so easily found on the market today... you may be wondering how this could possibly make sense.

These books tell you to add a little red here... a little blue there... add plants, nick-nacks, a small water fountain, or things like pottery. This is often based on the front door or compass directions according to the 8-sided bagua.

Did you know that Classical FENG SHUI, uses something other than this modern bagua? It uses what is called the "Magic Square," which is shown on the cover of my book. Classical Feng Shui is scientifically based and uses mathematical calculations to improve the environment. It is based on cycles of time and when the building was constructed. It also factors in the precise 15 degree compass direction.

In the deep levels of Classical Feng Shui, adding red colors in certain years could cause great challenges that are best to avoid. Who would want to have challenges with health, finances, delays, relationship issues and misunderstandings, or accidents.... because of red or fire colors in the wrong area for the yearly energy cycle?

You may see where to avoid red and fire colors for the feng shui year by clicking here "UPDATE."

Additionally the five elements play a key role in re-energizing a living or working space. 5 elements remedies are made of wood such as plants, fire colors, earth, metal, and water. Using these in specific areas, according to the unique qualities of a building, is how authentic Feng Shui improves people's lives.

Enjoy sprucing up your home! Please be careful with fire colors of reds, pink, purple, burgundy, and maroon.

If you would like assistance... please email me for a complementary 1/2 hour session to discuss your Feng Shui: at

Have a FABULOUS Day!


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