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9 Tips to Experience The JOY of Fall!

Keep JOY in your life! Enjoy the beauty!

Joy... Joy... Joy... Are You Experiencing Joy All Year Long?

The air is cooler... the leaves are displaying their gorgeous colors of yellow, orange, and red. What happens to your mood... after the leaves have all fallen... the sky turns grayer and it rains and rains?

Are you still happy and vibrant? The Key is that you can be full of joy and happiness all year round. It all depends on how you view life, your diet, your exercise patterns, and so much more.

Let us take a look at ways that you can keep your mood higher during the fall and winter months.

8 Tips to Embrace the Joy of Fall!

1. Be sure to continue to exercise to feel your best.

2. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Generally the

simpler it is, the healthier the food is for your

mind-body system.

3. Drink plenty of water that is free of chemicals and


4. Focus on positive things. Spend time with upbeat

friends and family.

5. Some people feel sad because they are suffering

from 'SAD," Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Sometimes the treatment for this includes getting

quality light or medication. Seek medical advice.

6. Find positive things to do that you really enjoy.

Start new creative projects or do your hobbies.

7. Remember to take time for self care. Splurge with

a nice hot tub bath or a relaxing massage. Take

time to meditate to improve your outlook on life!

8. Take a few minutes to write down all of your

blessings and what you are grateful for. You may

be surprised how blessed you really are!

9. Create a positive mind set that boosts your overall

happiness and success! Remember to SMILE!

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