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Inspire: Courage!

How do you get to the victory?

Do you feel like this is you right now?


There are many things out there that can cause people to feel a sense of fear, dismay, panic, or loss. It could be the break up of a relationship, job loss, health issues, natural disasters, or in 2020 the world wide pandemic.

How do you develop more courage?

1. Take care of your physical body.

  • Make sure that you are drinking enough pure refreshing water.

  • The need for water increases a lot under stress, up to twice as much fluids.

  • Eat a balanced diet. Be sure to include fruits, vegetables, and quality protein.

  • Avoid excessive amounts of sugar and sweets as this may lead to mood swings.

  • Exercise on a regular basis. Even simply walking can have great benefits.

  • Get plenty of quality rest and sleep.

  • Remember to breath! Consciously take several deep breaths periodically.

2. Take care of your mind.

  • Find time to seek inner calm and peace.

  • You may desire to do yoga, meditate, journal, sing or play instruments, pray, or enjoy time in nature.

  • Listen to uplifting music with positive words or music by itself.

3. Be brave and conquer the challenges at hand.

  • Take one step at a time.

  • Write a list of the steps you need to take.

  • Take action even if only one thing daily, then check that item off of your list. See your accomplishments grow on a regular basis.

  • Ask for help from family and friends.

  • Join a group that is caring and supportive of you.

4. Look at positive and uplifting art or TV programs.

  • See the end results that you desire to achieve.

  • Deal with the stress of uncertainty in a loving manner towards yourself and others.

  • Remember to look toward wholesome things.

  • See the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Have faith that things will eventually get better!

  • Take this time in your life for positive personal growth.

  • Know that things could get a little more stressful, but it will eventually all resolve.

  • Be grateful for the good in your life! Write a list of things that you are grateful for. Add to this on a regular basis. Inspire: Gratitude!

  • Remember things will get better!

  • Look forward to the new changes in your life!

You may desire to try the Brain Gym warm up called PACE. It uses the mind and body connection to bring calmness and a feeling of being centered.

Just 4 easy steps: Brain Gym Key!: PACE

Please know that The Harmonic Zone, LLC is not responsible for any results or consequences that you may experience from implementing any of the above information. Seek medical and professional help when needed. Do what is best for you. This post is not intended to replace any medical or professional services or programs that you may be using at this time.

Have a calm and courageous day!

Move forward in light and love!

copyright 2020, The Harmonic Zone, LLC



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