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Reach for the Stars and More

Completely Manifest Your Highest Potential!

Welcome to The Harmonic Zone!

Brighten Your Horizons!


with Bonnie

"I highly recommend this book. It will bring you joy, and give you great perspective as you move forward in your own life."

- Thasia Anne Lunger, BSW and Author


Harness the POWER of

FENG SHUI to Increase


  Your Wealth, Health,

      and Happiness!


Bonnie is the Author of...

168 FENG SHUI Tips for the Home Office and More: Plus Holistic and Personal Success Keys

"This IS a beautiful and fabulous book, brimming with information, knowledge, and great tips! Highly recommend!"
- LS Best-Selling Author & Business Owner
Did you know that all homes
and buildings can
benefit from   Classical ... FENG SHUI?

Why is this?

      Everyone has Feng Shui, which is based on the "DNA" of the building, that was set in motion according to the year built and the precise compass direction. 
     Use these ever-present & often
hidden environmental factors, to
your advantage,
to Re-Vitalize your home and business areas!

    Let this ancient, once secret   knowledge... Work for you!

Enhance the Positive Qualities!   
Decrease potentially challenging aspects, of the deepest levels, found only in Classical Feng Shui.

      Create a more energized, balanc-ed, and supportive space, to enhance achieving your career and personal goals!

Boost the Overall... Good Fortune of Your Life! 



Happy Bubbling Water!

Transform Your Life!

Classical FENG SHUI & More!
  • Peak Performance with Brain Gym®  Designed Movements & Specialized Techniques.
  • Geobiology:  Geopathic Stress reduction to benefit Well-Being.  Goes hand-in-hand with Feng Shui.

Harmony & Balance Are Keys to Success!

"Bonnie is Incredible with her work in Feng Shui!"

                                                   -  H.P. Home Business Consultant

Image by Florian Berger

Bonnie, BFA, BSN, RN follows the traditional ways of Classical FENG SHUI


This method has been passed down through the centuries by word of mouth.  Later in writing with hidden meanings.  (This is Not the Modern "Bagua" found in many books in

the 21st century.)  The keys to decipher the coded writings were given to the hereditary line of FENG SHUI experts, which Bonnie follows. This time honored modality is based

on architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment.

Bonnie brings her well-rounded background, to further assist clients to benefit from FENG SHUI.  To Re-Vitalize and Energize the home and work space. To enhance productivity and profitability!  To improve well-being and relationships!  Her Holistic approach offers the big picture along with many fine details.  FENG SHUI could be the added boost of Good...  Fortune to  Maximize your life!

                 How is your home or work space effecting you?

              Discover the authentic Classical FENG SHUI Way!

To learn more please click to email Bonnie :

                                          I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Have a Fabulous Day!



   Key Factors of Classical FENG SHUI
  • Ways to improve Productivity and Profitability
  • Special 15 degree directions for the individual such as the Creative Right Brain and the Logical Left Brain, Wealth, and Romance Attraction
  • Accurate compass reading
  • Changing cycles of Time
  • Space considerations
  • Remedy recommendations to enhance the
    positive and manage potentially challenging
    environmental influences using the 5 Elements
  • Personal Feng Shui directions the authentic way
  • And much more!
Image by Sean Oulashin

Feng Shui means "Wind and Water"

A Multi-Point Approach to Enhance Life!

  • Experience the JOY and BALANCE of Classical Feng Shui solutions to Enliven Relationships, Prosperity, and Well-Being!

  •  Additional Peak Performance methods are Brain Gym® and & Special Health & Wellness Techniques.

  • The Harmonic Zone considers the Environment and the Mind-Body Connection...   offering a Holistic approach to Empower You to Optimize Your Success and Well-Being!

Classical Feng Shui
  • Home
  • Office
  • Selling or Buying Property
Brain Gym®

Health & Well-Being

  • Geobioigy Session

Brighten Your Horizons!
Romantic Walk in Sunset
Health & Well-Being
Young Business Colleagues
Young Businesswomen

Authentic Classical

White Brick House





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