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Additional Peak Performance

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solutions to enhance

relationships, prosperity,

and well-being.


The Harmonic Zone takes

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picture, offering a Holistic

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to Optimize Your Success

and Well-Being!

The Harmonic Zone

Holistic Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui


           Brain Gym®  

    Kinesiosolgy for
Health & Well-Being

                        Brain Gym®


      Brain Gym® is highly valued worldwide in over 80 countries in business, academic settings, for personal well-being, and in sports training programs.  It may be experienced through Brain Gym Movements or through a Brain Gym Balance.

     The Brain Balance is a powerful process that uses a positive goal of your own choosing, movements, and more activities for increased ease and joy related to your goal. What may have been challenging is now smoother going. It is like your brain and body has been rewired for enhanced performance. This is noticed through checks that are done at the beginning and near the end of the balancing process. 

      For example: possible goal choices are to heighten creativity, better reading & math skills, for the performing arts, business activities, accelerated learning, sports, and more. 

      Find out how to Maximize your Brain Power with Brain Gym®!

Maximize Your Brain Power

with Brain Gym®!

Enhance Your Prosperity,

Relationships, &Well-Being

with the Power of

Classical Feng Shui!


            The Harmonic Zone

           Holistic Feng Shui

      Authentic Classical Feng Shui consultations to enhance prosperity, relationships, and health & well being. The difference between modern Feng Shui found in books and classical, is that this traditional form uses a precise compass reading and the date when the building was constructed.  It also involves the affects of both cycles of time and how it affects spaces, and the interior and exterior environments.

      Classical Feng Shui utilizes the five elements of water, wood, fire colors, earth, and metal. There are no gimmick or nick-knacks used in this authentic method. Remedies that match your decor are best. 

      Classical Feng Shui is very logical and uses mathematical calculations. It is based on the architectural design, physics, astronomy, and the environment. By rigorous testing through the centuries, it has been found to actually affect finances, health, and relationships. Please call today to learn how to empower your life with Authentic Classical Feng Shui! 

      Additional Modern Techniques that address the whole person including EMF/Geopathic Stress reduction with Geobiology, Kinesiology, Colors, Health

& Wellness, and Positive Goals.

      Uplift Your Life with The Harmonic Zone Holistic Feng Shui.

    Health & Well Being

      Special KinesiologyTechniques to uplift your life. Comprehensive mind/body system. Addressing stress relief, beliefs, diet, challenges, health, well-being, Geopathic Stress, learning challenges, and more.  Essential oils are sometimes used during the correction process which balances and harmonizes the mind/body system. 

      Move forward in life with increased vibrancy!  Enhance Your Well-Being and Health.   Enjoy stress relief and increased balance in the mind/body experience!

Remove Stress from the Mind/Body Experience for Heightened Well-Being!

Classical Feng Shui Consultatioins

Health & Well-Being Sessions

Geobiology Consultations

Brain Gym Introductory Classes

Brain Gym Courses

Private Sessions

  • Classical Feng Shui

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Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, dba Breakthroughs International, Santa Barbara, CA.

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Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, dba Breakthroughs International, Santa Barbara, CA.