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Feng Shui Red?

Is this good Feng Shui?

An interesting hallway. Paintings line both sides of the walls. Exquisite ceiling design. Beautiful chandeliers.

And what about all of those red chairs? Some 20th century "Feng Shui" says to put Red in the South. Did you know that Traditional Feng Shui does not recommend any such thing? As a matter of fact, too much red in the wrong area has a potential for unpleasant issues.

Avoid using red in the south. Red can effect occupants depending on where it has been placed and the year or even month. In Classical Feng Shui, things change related to time and the innate properties of a building that were set in motion through the process of construction.

Red may be beneficial. However when it is in the wrong area at an inopportune time, it can create challenges with finances, relationships, and/or health and well-being. Avoid using modern one-size-fits-all methods for your own peace of mind.

Classical Methods for Feng Shui is best!

Have a wonderful day!

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