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Maximize Your Brain Power with Brain Gym®!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

How to use Brain Gym to Boost Your Brain Power!

Brain Gym is really for everyone! It's for students, teachers, business women and men, musicians, athletes,

actresses and actors, parents, sports enthusiasts, and more!

What Can It Do For Me?

Brain Gym Movements are something that you can do on your own. Although the powerful Brain Gym Balance Process does require a trained instructor, to assist you with this method. Brain Gym balances appear to make new patterns in the brain for enhanced performance. The movements by themselves, also assist in tuning up your brain for peak performance and heightened creativity.

Once you know the Brain Gym Movements, you can utilize these fun activities to enhance your daily life. They easily fit into any schedule.

Brain Gym Warmup

This is a quick Brain Gym Tune Up that you may do

to enhance your life!

PACE: Positive, Active, Clear, Energetic

E: Water C: Brain Buttons A: Cross Crawl P: Hookups

This is a good warm up for almost anything. It has a centering effect that prepares people for learning or whatever challenge they may face. It also has a calming effect. It may be used prior to making an important phone call or before that big test. Teachers this is a good method to help calm and quiet those students down.

Now you may be wondering why water is listed. Everyone needs to have enough fluids on board for good thinking. Lack of water can cause fuzzy thoughts. The brain is mostly water from 75% to 85%. So have a sip of water at work and at school to keep your brain and body well hydrated. If you would like more details on good water, please see, Is Water The Fountain of Youth?

Brain Buttons stimulates the carotid arteries which carry oxygen to the brain. Several points on the body are used for this process.

Cross Crawl is always a favorite. In this activity, people are crossing the mid-line with their hands and/or legs. This aids in using both hemispheres of the brain and body for improved thinking and performance.

Lastly the Hookups is very positive and has a calming effect. It helps with relaxing the mind and bringing about a certain state of coherence.

Braiin Gym for Sports for Heightened Performance!

There are many other Brain Gym Activities that assist with balancing the right and left hemispheres, top to bottom, and front to back. These last two categories assist with motivation and organization.

Brain Gym Movements are portable. Once you learn them you can do them almost anywhere. I have even done them standing in the isle, on plane rides to keep everything more loose and relaxed.

You see Brain Gym not only works on the thinking aspect, it also works on the body at the same time. This 2-fold action is the key to the success that is achieved using this method.

For learning at any age, specific movements may be beneficial for certain things like reading and writing, math, comprehension, or being prepared for test taking.

Entertainers and sports women and men use it before they go into action. It is centering and ground- ing, bringing the body and mind into alignment for peak performance.

It looks like she did her quick Brain Gym Tune Up!

If a challenging situation arises at work, simply take a quick break to do Brain Gym to stay calm, before acting or speaking. It really can smooth out those rough edges.

Use it before that meeting, phone call, or speaking engage- ment to stay focused and clear.

Yeah for Brain Gym!

Teachers may choose to pick several movements to do before different subjects. They are quick and fun! You could find that the students are more productive with the Brain Gym! It is well worth the short time that is spent doing these fun activities.

Enjoy the Joy of Brain Gym in Your Everyday Life!

Take Time For A Quick Brain Gym Tune Up!

Have a Happy Day!

Bonnie Z

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

copyright 2019 The Harmonic Zone, LLC



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